Set your schedule now for the first ever “Smoke night” on the Cigar Dojo app. The members of the Cigar Dojo app will all be smoking an Oliva Series V on January 6th at 7PM (est) and sharing their thoughts on the Cigar Dojo app. Yes, it’s the very first ever meeting of the “Joe 6-Pack HERF Club” and it should be a great time. Just imagine cigar smokers all over the world smoking the same cigar at the same time and sharing their thoughts!

It doesn’t matter what size Oliva V you smoke that day, just pick one up before January 6th so you will be all ready for the big event. This will be the first event of its kind to happen on the Dojo app but hopefully it will be something that we do every month or even every week depending on how the membership feels about it. To be a member of the “Joe 6-Pack HERF Club” just show up on January 6th and join the fun, no membership requirements will prevent anyone from joining in on the fun. Subsequent Smoke Nights will feature a different cigar that will be picked by the founders of the club. 🙂

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