Gurkha Red Witch

The East India Trading Co. which is a subsidiary of Gurkha cigars recently released a cigar called “Red Witch” named after an 1800’s British trading ship and today I will be smoking and reviewing the toro or rothchild sized Red Witch cigar. I really loved the shape of this cigar, it’s big and unique. The cigar is 6 inches long and has a very large 54 ring gauge but it’s the subtle box pressed shape that I like, it’s somewhat round and box pressed and rests perfectly in your mouth. The label is very classy, featuring an image of the Red Witch ship with white, blue, red, and gold embossing.

Red Witch Cigar review and rating

Look at that beautiful cap!

The pre-light cut and draw reveals a stunningly perfect draw. After toasting and then lighting I am blasted with a strong white pepper flavor and that flavor will persist for the first half inch of this brute of a cigar. The white pepper flavor is very pleasant, it grabbed my attention for sure but in a good way. After the initial white pepper blast this Witch settles down dramatically just past the one inch mark. The flavors have now shifted to a Caribbean spice which is only fitting for a cigar named after a ship that transported these commodities.


Gurkha Red Witch cigar review and rating

The Red Witch cigar by Gurkha features a medium tan Ecuadoran rosado wrapper, the binder and filler are Dominican and originate from the Jalapa region of Nicaragua. This blend of tobaccos produces a very nice flavor profile. The burn on the Red Witch is also excellent, producing a gorgeous white ash, although the ash is not firm and will easily fall off. The enjoyable Caribbean spice flavors remain constant until the end. I certainly wouldn’t call this cigar complex in any way, shape, or form; yet for just about $6 it’s tough to beat the value on such a chunk of a cigar. I guess my only real criticism would be that for such a large cigar the smoke time on the Red Witch was only about 45 minutes.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
Yes. While I doubt I would buy a box of these cigars I would never hesitate to smoke another East India Trading Co. Red Witch cigar by Gurkha. It had a great burn, enjoyable flavors, and it was affordable.

Gurkha Red Witch
One of the better offerings from Gurkha the Red Witch is a decent value.
  • Good performance
  • Pleasant Flavors
  • Affordable
  • Basic Flavors
  • Unpredictable Ash
86%Not Bad
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