Ashton VSG Belicoso

It’s hard for me to believe that I haven’t yet placed a review of the Ashton VSG on the Dojo as it has always been one of my favorite cigars. In fact there was a time when I placed the VSG on the same pedestal as a Padron Anniversario.  While I still love the Ashton VSG, I no longer place it in my personal “top 5 best cigars” list as I will explain later.

Ashton VSG cigar review

The Ashton VSG is a absolutely gorgeous cigar. With it’s dark and luxurious looking sun grown wrapper and its cream, black, red, and gold embossed label, the VSG is stunning to look at. Today I will be smoking the Belicoso VSG which is 5 1/4 inches with a 52 ring gauge. I have allowed this particular VSG to rest in my humidor for over a year and a half, so it should be at prime smoking condition. After cutting, you will be greeted with a perfect pre-light draw and some interesting and pleasant old-world spice on your tongue.

After toasting and lighting the Ashton VSG produces excellent and satisfying amount of tasty smoke. The VSG is not the type of cigar that’s going to clobber your palette with overpowering flavors. Instead, the tender aged tobacco of the VSG provides a more subtle and subdued yet complex array of flavors for you to enjoy. The Ashton VSG is medium bodied at most and the most accurate word I can use to describe this cigar is smooth. Aged tobacco, leather, and a hint of your grandmas spice cabinet all make appearances in this flavor profile.

Cigar review of the Ashton VSG

The burn on the VSG is perfect. Never will you need a touch-up and it should stay razor sharp with a nice white ash all the way to end. The only reason this cigar isn’t still on my best of the best list is I have personally become more of a fan of cigars with a bit more power and fuller body but my own personal tastes should not distract from the quality of this top shelf cigar. The Ashton VSG is made by Fuente yet the wrapper is specially grown by the Oliva family and you can certainly taste the care that was placed into creating this cigar.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
Sure, this won’t be my “go to” smoke because of the price, but I’ll always be sure to have a healthy supply of VSG’s in the old humi.

Ashton VSG Belicoso
This well-balanced and perfectly constructed cigars isn't exactly cheap but the experience makes up for it.
  • Balanced flavors
  • Fantastic construction
  • Gorgeous appearance
  • Expensive
90%A Real Treat
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