Gran Habano Azteca El Aguila

Today I will be smoking and reviewing the Gran Habano Azteca Aguila which is a beautiful torpedo shaped cigar. The Azteca El Aguila comes in at 5.5 inches with a 52 ring gauge and a very sharp and distinct torpedo shape. The cigar features a creamy deep tan maduro wrapper with a rather large Mayan themed label and a matching secondary label on the foot of the cigar.

The Gran Habano Azteca El Aguila

I’m a huge fan of the Gran Habano line so having the chance to smoke and review this cigar is a real treat. After removing the label from the foot and cutting the cigar I am very pleased to find a perfect pre-light draw and I can already taste some of the creamy flavors that this cigar might have to offer.

After lighting I am blown away by the massive amount of thick, chewy, oily, and chalky smoke that is coating my mouth. I love when a cigar coats the inside of my mouth with it’s rich flavors. Another thing that is great about this cigar is the savory flavor of the tobacco on your tongue. The Gran Habano Azteca is filled with Nicaraguan and Panamanian tabacco which is a combination you don’t often hear about (if ever) and the cigar is wrapped in San Andres maduro leaves from Mexico. This cigar is essentially a double maduro because the binder is also a maduro from San Andres. The flavor of this cigar is a bit hard to describe mainly because it’s just so smooth and delicious, there isn’t any one particular flavor that is dominating this luscious beast. However, you might pick out creamy milk chocolate, with some notes of earthy sweetness from the masterfully fermented tobacco. Three words that describe this cigar are: smooth, smooth, and smooth. The Gran Habano guys know how to make a cigar, they are certainly one of my favorites and this cigar only reinforces that.

Gran Habano Azteca Aguila review and rating

The construction on this cigar is marvelous, the burn is slow, it’s even and the draw is at the perfect resistance. The GH Azteca could easily sell for twice their $6-ish price tag and it would still be a bargain. The ash on this cigar is not firm and it will likely fall off into your lap at the most inopportune moment yet you will quickly forgive it for such a small offense because you will be too busy enjoying the flavors. I sit here doing my best to find things to criticize about this cigar but the bottom line is this is a rock solid cigar with great flavors, excellent construction, and a low price tag. What’s not to like??


Gran Habano Azteca El Aguila
The Gran Habano Azteca Aguila is a much better version of this cigar than the Fuerte.
  • Slow Burn
  • Earthy Sweetness
  • Warm flavors
  • Not complex
  • Inconsistent
86%Not bad
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