Never doubt a Samurai.

Let me start by stating up front that I am a huge E.P. Carrillo fan. I have some up-coming reviews planned for the Maduro Club 52, and a E.P. Carrillo Short Run (which I love!!), but today I am reviewing the E.P. Carrillo Encantos Natural which is a 4&7/8ths by 50 cigar. It features a natural wrapper with Dominican and Nicarauguan filler and it’s made in the Dominican Republic. My good buddy and fellow cigar reviewer the Sumatra Samurai had told me he thought this cigar was bitter. Being a huge E.P. Carrillo fan I told him he was wrong and promptly slapped his face and said…. “now you take that back or I am going to tell your mother!”  He then curled up in the fetal position and apologized profusely.

EP Carrillo Encantos review

After embarrassing and humiliating my good friend it seemed like a good time for a smoke so I grabbed the encantos and here is my report. Upon cutting and taking a pre-light draw I was pleasantly rewarded with a nice zing on my tongue and a near perfect draw and I hadn’t even lit the stick yet! After lighting, I quickly became aware of what the Samurai was talking about, this cigar has a bit of a bitter after taste to it. It’s nothing horrible mind you, and it didn’t ruin the cigar for me but I will say I have had much more pleasant EP Carillos than this one.

The flavors are nutty, oak, with sweet and salty tobacco notes and of course that nagging bitterness that did mellow out a bit midway through but never went away. This cigar has a loooooong finish and you get plenty of smoke and flavor with each puff. The burn and ash on this cigar were remarkably perfect! Razor sharp burn with a very tight, white ash. This cigar could have been great had it not had that slight bitter flavor that lingered long after each taste.

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Some have asked if I apologized to the Samurai knowing he was right all along and of course the answer is no.


EP Carrillo Encantos
A lingering bitter flavor ruins what might have otherwise been a good cigar.
  • Nice burn and construction
  • Tight ash
  • Bitter aftertaste
86%Had potential
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