Just down the street from my house in Littleton Colorado is a neat little cigar shop called Gars and Grapes. The sign on the front of the building displays “Gar’s and Grapes” which drives my wife crazy since there shouldn’t be an apostrophe in the word “Gars”, but I digress. Gars and Grapes is also called Avanti Winery because these guys make and bottle their own wine! I have bought a few bottles of their authentic Colorado wine and I must say it is extremely good!  Gars and Grapes offers free wine tasting every Thursday – Sunday in their private lounge and I highly recommend that you pay them a visit and try the wine.

Gars and Grapes in Littleton Colorado

Local wines and premium cigars

Yet, it’s the cigars we are interested in here at the Cigar Dojo and Gars and Grapes which is located at 9046 W. Bowles has a nice little walk-in humidor. The humidor at Gars and Grapes isn’t very large, it’s kinda long and skinny and runs parralell to the racks of wine inside the store.  They have a decent selection of cigars in the humidor however they lack some of the most popular brands (such as Padron). The prices on cigars at Gars and Grapes are very reasonable and the staff is helpful and friendly although you can sense that their focus is more on the wine than on the cigars, and that’s not a horrible thing. The shop does not have a large selection of cigar accessories in any way shape or form but if you need a cutter, lighter, or some butane, they will be able to set you up.

Gars and Grapes Humidor

The Walk in humidor at Gars and Grapes

Occasionally Gars and Grapes will have a open house and they setup up a tent outside for cigar smoking and they even fire up a grill and serve free brats and snacks with free samples of wine in the back of the store. What’s better than free wine and brats while you are smoking your favorite stogie? In conclusion, Gars and Grapes is a really neat shop and I’m glad that I live close to it. While the focus might be on their excellent selection of Colorado wines they do offer pretty much everything for the avid cigar smoker.

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