Do Boveda humidity packets work? All cigar smokers face the same battle: keeping our cigar investment in great condition, i.e., you don’t want your cigars to get dry, but also not so moist that they develop mold. That balance can be hard to achieve. There is a large variety of products on the market to help cigar smokers keep their humidors at just the right Relative Humidity (RH). Today we will be looking at the Boveda Humidity Control Packets. These small packets are a interesting solution to the quest for a perfectly maintained humidor. The Boveda packets have some major pros and also some cons, lets get to the good news first.
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The best thing about the Boveda humidity packs are that they are a two-way humidity control device in that not only will they emit the perfect amount of RH into your humidor they will also absorb humidity should your humidor be too humid. That fact alone can give the cigar smoker huge peace of mind, especially when you might have thousands of dollars worth of cigars to care for. Another great feature of the Boveda Humidity packs is that they cannot damage your cigars, you can place these packets anywhere in your humidor even if they are directly touching your cigars and they will not damage the cigar at all. Again, that’s more peace of mind. Toss it in your humidor and forget about it!

The Boveda humidity packs come in an assortment of RH levels 65, 69, 72, or 75% are all options. These packs make keeping your humidor maintained EXTREMELY easy, just break open a pack from it’s cellophane packaging and toss it in your humidor. Each Boveda humidity pack should last about 3 months. There is no guess-work involved determining when to replace the pack as it will become hard/stiff when it’s ready to be replaced (normally they feel like a liquid filled paper envelope). Therefore the best reason to buy Boveda Humidity packs is the simplicity of use and the peace of mind that they bring.

Boveda Humidity packetsTHE BAD…
Not everything about the Boveda Humidty Pack is good. The worst thing about the Boveda product is the price. Each Boveda pack is about $3.50 and it will take more than one pack to humidify a large desktop humidor. In fact, Boveda recommends 4 or 5 packs for a 100-150 cigar humidor, which adds up to $17.50. Taking into account these packs only last about 3 months you will be replacing them 4 times per year which means you will be spending a whopping $70 per year to humidify your desktop humidor. Ouch! In my opinion that’s a bit extreme.

Even with the high price tag I still believe the Boveda Humidity packs are worth having on hand. Mainly for your travel humidor. Since these packs cannot damage your cigars these are absolutely perfect to toss in your travel humidor, and since travel humidors have such a tight seal you will not need more than one Boveda pack to get the job done. When I open a Boveda pack I write the date on the pack, that way I know how long the pack has been in use so I can have a better feel for when the pack will need to be replaced. And as I have previously stated my Boveda packs generally last around 3 months (you might get longer usage in a more humid climate). Writing the date on the packets also helps you get an idea for how your Boveda packets are performing under your conditions.

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In conclusion the Boveda Humidity packets are a great product if used in the right circumstance, although I can’t recommend using them as the main source of maintaining RH in a large desktop humidor.

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