The perfect 2-course meal

A full meal comprised solely of fine cigars? When I sat down yesterday afternoon at the local cigar shop, I had no idea I was in for such a treat. My plan was to save some money and bring my own stash- a delicate, La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor. I had been aging this beauty for months and had been itching to try this little robusto.

La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor

The Mi Amor was like the appetizer to my Padron 1926

My buddies and I found a nook in the back room and lit up our various smokes. I was a bit surprised to find that my Mi Amor had quite a tough draw (whether or not this was due to the fact that I accidentally left it in my car for ten days while on a cruise the previous week… is a good possibility). While the draw was lacking, the flavor sure wasn’t. A couple of puffs brought in flavors of rich cocoa, creamy coffee, and nutmeg-like spice. A half inch in I decided to give it another cut, hoping to loosen the draw, but this cigar seemed determined to put up a fight. I continuously found myself using the “2-puff” method to keep it lit and get enough smoke in my mouth. About halfway down the stick, the smooth coffee and cream taste began to take over, I just couldn’t let this guy go. Little did I know, this little beauty was only the appetizer… to one seriously mean entrée.

Padron Anniversario 1926

And now for the main course!

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Padron happens to be the cigar of choice in our little group, the benchmark upon which to judge a good smoke. And the Padron Serie 1926 just might be the pinnacle of that unique flavor that makes Padron cigars practically untouchable (in my opinion, of course). Having only smoked one of these delicacies early on in my cigar smoking career, you can imagine my delight when my pops came strolling into the room with three of these babies! The Mi Amor clearly knew her place, the embers quickly dwindled and she was laid to rest. I prepared myself for the main course, tucked in my bib and carefully cut and toasted. Even as you light a cigar of this caliber, it becomes clear that something is different. An instant rush of flavors, so complex that your taste buds are caught off-guard, coat the mouth with lush white smoke. A quarter of the way down the stick, the burn is perfect; rich, dark chocolate and aged tobacco flavors are at the forefront. Moving along, I am beginning to feel the affects of this seriously full bodied smoke. In fact, shortly after we moved our smoke session outside to finish these bad boys off (there’s only so much a guy can take without a well-ventilated room). The dark chocolates and leathery, tobaccos have now been replaced with creamy coffee, hazelnut, and caramel. I did have to relight a little over halfway in, but to be fair, these Padrons were a tad on the humid side to begin with. Over an hour after we lit up, my beautiful stogie was nearly finished, which was impressive considering these were small Rothschilds. Typically, I won’t smoke a cigar past it’s band, most just seem to lose their flavor and leave you with an ashy, resin taste. This cigar is capable of “nub smoking”, that’s right, take it all the way down. From its dark, oily wrapper and near perfect construction, to its chewy white smoke, this is one of the best cigars you will ever smoke. Wow, I’m suddenly craving a cigar… weird.

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