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Black “In Memory of my Last Cigar” shirt. Features Cigar Dojo's 1st premium, colored print design and Cigar Dojo – Never Smoke Alone on back.

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Commemorate your fallen “Brothers of the Leaf” (and we literally mean LEAF) with Cigar Dojo’s “In Memory of my Last Cigar” shirt.

Too often do we “connoisseurs” let a beautifully constructed masterpiece of hand-rolled tobacco turn to ash without the proper memorial. Not anymore! Pay tribute to your most cherished smoking experiences and simultaneously show your support for the industry as whole. It is said that close to one hundred pairs of hands come into contact with each leaf in a premium cigar—give thanks to the hardworking men and women behind the scenes that make this, the best hobby in the world, a possibility!

In Memory of my Last Cigar shirt features Cigar Dojo’s first, premium, multi-color-printed design on a soft, black T-shirt. “Cigar Dojo” and the famous “Never Smoke Alone” slogan are printed in white across the shirt’s back.

In Memory of my Last Cigar shirts feature a modern-style fit — when deciding between sizes, we generally recommend choosing the larger of the two, unless you’re looking for a more snug fit

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