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A Flavor Odyssey 13oz Beer Glass is new for 2020, offering enthusiasts a proper 13oz Craft Master Grand-style glass with two-sided artwork.

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And the Odyssey continues! Cigar Dojo’s pairings-based show—A Flavor Odyssey—now has a proper glass to accompany each week’s journey. Each glass features the Flavor Odyssey graphic on one side and the Cigar Dojo graphic on the reverse side.

Finding middle ground between a sample pour and a pint, the 13oz Craft Master Grand is perfect for serving 12-ounce bottles and cans, or smaller pours of rare or experimental beers.

The Craft Master Grand features an innovative stacking shelf that keeps the weight of the glass off of the lip, making it incredibly stable when stacked and helping to prevent chipping and sticking. Its wide bowl and flared top release aromas and accommodate a proper head, while a heavy base ensures a stable, well-balanced glass that’s functional for everyday use. It’s ergonomic too, resting comfortably in the hand and on the lip, and is versatile for use with a variety of beer styles, cider, coffee, cocktails, and more.

This product is a single glass, i.e. not a pair. Although you can order as many as you like!

Note: as with most ink-decorated glasses, the Flavor Odyssey glass should be hand washed to maintain its ideal look/finish.

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