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Dojo Palió VESUVIO Lighter from Quality Importers with two different Dojo artwork designs. Each order receives 2 lighters (i.e., BOTH designs)

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The Dojo Palió VESUVIO Lighter is our first-ever custom lighter, made by Quality Importers and featuring the Palió® Vesuvio triple-jet lighter. This is the primary cigar lighter in Cigar Dojo Studios, chosen for its dependability, large tank size, ease of flame height adjustment mechanism, and overall value.

Each order includes TWO lighters: one with the Sensei rising sun logo and one with the “CD” logo design. Colors will vary and CANNOT be chosen at checkout.


  • Four colors available: Smoke, Green, Red, and Clear
  • Two Dojo designs: Sensei and “CD”
  • Triple jet-flame lighter
  • Apex flame comes to a point for precision lighting
  • Large, easy-to-use fuel adjuster
  • High altitude tested to 12,000 ft


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