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Authentic Cigar Dojo Away hockey jerseys feature custom artwork on jersey front, back, and both shoulders. Thick fabric is soft and comfortable, yet durable enough to withstand actual hockey play.

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At Cigar Dojo, we’ve never hidden the fact that we are hockey nuts! After assembling the first-ever Dojo hockey team, we realized that the sweaters were simply too epic to keep from the rest of DOJONATION… therefore, a VERY limited number of Dojo Away jerseys are now available while supplies last.

The Cigar Dojo hockey jersey is modeled after one of our favorite sweater designs, taking cues from Atlanta and Calgary’s retro-inspired alternate uniforms. To help differentiate the jerseys moving forward, each jersey is numbered 19 (exceptions apply*), signifying the 2019 hockey season.

After completing the Dojo’s first season (losing in the playoffs), it became clear that an alternate sweater was in order. While the Away jersey (2019) features the same overall design as the original Home (2019) sweater, the colors have been altered for a contrasting appearance. The Away jersey has been made in very small quantities and is not expected to last long!

Additional Info
  • Cigar Dojo jersey-front artwork
  • #19 jersey-back artwork (numbers may vary*)
  • Tobacco leaf right shoulder artwork (as seen from Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla II)
  • Cigar Dojo “CD” left shoulder artwork (as seen from Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla II)
  • All artwork uses sublimation printing to make for a more comfortable feel
  • Color scheme: white / burnt orange / yellow
  • Fabric is 160-300gsm polyester blend spandex, lycra, nylon
  • Machine washable—never fades, never shrinks

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