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Cigar Dojo 13oz tulip beer glass. This limited edition glass features a classic tulip style beer glass with modern two-color Dojo logo.

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This product is a single glass, i.e., not a pair. Although you can order as many as you like!

It’s no secret, cigars and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, coffee and cake, mac & cheese (er, cheese and ANYTHING…) – but there was always something missing from this heavenly combo… until now!

That’s right, The Dojo will provide you its signature promise to “Never Smoke Alone”, now with the added bonus to “Never Drink Alone” either! Because life’s better with Cigar Dojo and booze…

Our new and limited edition tulip beer glasses feature a two color modern Dojo logo—the perfect companion for your equally sophisticated brew of choice. This is a thirteen ounce tulip glass with the Cigar Dojo emblem in white and orange ink.

Note: as with most ink-decorated glasses, the Cigar Dojo tulips should be hand-washed to maintain their ideal look/finish

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