Cigar reviews and ratings for the year 2021

AVO Improvisation LE21 cigar review
87%Awfully good

AVO Improvisation LE21

“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” —Colin Powell Lately, when I light up a cigar, I take a moment to reflect. Just a simple pause. I think it’s important. It seems like, more and more, we (cigar consu... Read More...
Cohiba Serie M cigar review
87%Miami Heritage

Cohiba Serie M

General Cigar is really keeping things moving on the luxury cigar scene, with their Cohiba brand leading the charge. Hot off the heels of last year’s ultra-premium Cohiba Royale, General brings us something radically different for the brand: a cigar handcrafte... Read More...
CAO Vision (2020) cigar review
85%Middle of the Road

CAO Vision (2020)

Raise your hand if you were smoking cigars back in 2007. That was right around the time I started, so I’ll raise my hand halfway. That was back when the CAO Vision first hit the market. This was also right around the time that General Cigar acquired CAO. It wa... Read More...