Alma del Fuego Ometepe Edición LimitadaPlasencia have announced the release of the Alma del Fuego Ometepe Edición Limitada, a unique blend featuring the first-ever cigar with a wrapper made from Ometepe tobacco, aptly named Hoja del Fuego by the Plasencia family. This ultra-premium offering is limited to just 1,000 boxes, each containing 20 cigars and doubling as a luxury humidor. Priced at $100 per cigar, each piece is housed in a hand-blown glass tube.

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The Plasencia family say they drew inspiration for this unique blend from the rich indigenous mythology surrounding the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. According to legend, the island emerged when two towering volcanoes rose from the depths of Lake Nicaragua. Ometepe’s name originates from the ancient Nahuatl words “OME” (two) and “TEPETL” (mountain). The island was revered by early indigenous inhabitants as their promised land and a sacred home to the Gods. The Alma del Fuego Ometepe Edición Limitada pays homage to this storied land.

Néstor Andres Plasencia, expressed his pride in this creation, stating, “This cigar is a remarkable work of art. Since 1865, we have nurtured and cultivated tobacco, and at last, we have successfully grown a wrapper of unparalleled beauty in Ometepe, Nicaragua. The island of Ometepe is of great significance to our family as it has been to the Indigenous peoples of this region. We celebrate this achievement with the Plasencia Alma del Fuego Ometepe Edición Limitada.”

Alma del Fuego Ometepe Edición Limitada Details

  • MSRP: $100 per cigar, $2000 per 20-count box.
  • Available Size: Torpedo 6×54
  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
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