After debuting the UberLuxury MEERAPFEL Cigar brand last year, 11th-generation cigarmaker Jeremiah Meerapfel is set to debut the Ernest Master Blend at the Intertabac Trade Show in Dortmund, Germany, beginning on Sept. 14th.

MEERAPFEL Cigar is one of two brands from the Meerapfel family, who describe themselves as the “oldest business in the premium cigar industry,” having a history dating back over 400 years. Their parent company (in terms of cigar brands) is Meerapfel Companies, offering the recently-re-titled The Selection as a more approachable line, while MEERAPFEL Cigar operates in the super-premium category.

The brand’s core collection is dubbed Master Blends, featuring four lines inspired by the most influential Meerapfels throughout the family’s history: Richard, Heller, Ernest, and Meir. Both the Richard and Meir cigars were introduced in 2022, and Ernest now launches as the third blend in the series. Ernest Meerapfel was the great grandfather of Jeremiah, being born in Germany in 1885 and later traveled the world in search of undiscovered tobacco.

Meerapfel Ernest Master Blend cigar

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“My great grandfather Ernest’s exodus was the epitome of curiosity and bravery that our family members have always carried in their hearts; a lust for accessing the finest leaves nature has to offer, no matter how remote or challenging the adventure may be”, Jeremiah MEERAPFEL, le Créateur Cigarier, recalls.

The Meerapfel Ernest Master Blend follows a similar presentation and release strategy as the former two cigars in the line, offering a range of four sizes, with the 5¾” x 52 Double Robusto being singled out with special packaging and flagtail heads. This cigar is presented in 10-count ornamental trays (doubling as an ashtray), which are then packaged inside a larger wooden box. Pricing is much higher for this size, coming in at $94 MSRP. The other sizes include Corona Gorda (5½” x 46), Robusto (4⅞” x 50), and Lonsdale (6¾” x 43), with prices ranging from $41 to $50 per cigar MSRP. The latter cigars are packaged in larger crates of 25 cigars, with each size being limited to 613 boxes per year.

The Ernest Master Blend is debuting this week, and is set to ship to retailers in the coming weeks.

Meerapfel Ernest Master Blend cigars in tray

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