It’s a cavalcade of stars! Live, in-studio special guests will include: Erik Espinosa, Pedro Gomez, Terence Reilly, Fabien Zeigler, Fred Rewey, Eddy Guerra, George Rami, Bradley Rubin, Justin Andrews, Tommy Lazuka, Mickey Pegg, Omar de Frias, and more! It’s the annual Dochella Festival leading up to Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival, and it’s the biggest, most star-packed show of the year!

Showtime: 9PM Eastern 08-24-2023
Episode: 390

JR CigarSmoke Night LIVE is brought to you by JR Cigar – the world’s largest cigar store. Watch this episode LIVE on the Cigar Dojo Facebook, or YouTube. You can also interact with the show by commenting on the live video feed.

Get ready DOJONATION Friday night is Smoke Night! Smoke Night LIVE is the late night live cigar show.

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