Quickly approaching the summer season, AVO Cigars is set to launch the next cigar in this year’s limited series: AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023.

The series was first announced in March with the spring-themed AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023 Spring cigar. At the time, it was revealed that there would be four cigars throughout the year, each being rolled in the same 6⅝” x 50 diadema format, altering the recipe with each new iteration to coincide with the vibe of each unique season.

AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023 Summer cigar

With the AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023 Summer cigar, the blend includes an Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper, a Mexican binder, and all-Dominican fillers—with one leaf said to be aged for 14 years.

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The cigar reflecting summer is reminiscent of the hot sun that characterises and shapes the season. This diadema is vibrant, with an intensity level which reflects summer’s ever-present heat. The shiny and dark brown Ecuador Corojo wrapper adds complexity and at the same time delightful notes of pepper, whereas the Dominican filler tobaccos, one aged for 14 years, provide creamy and fruity notes. In the second third, flavours of dark chocolate enhance the overall taste experience.

All four releases are packaged in 10-count boxes with semi-transparent sliding lids that partially reveal the cigars within. Each release is limited to 1,500 boxes per blend in the United States (4,000 globally), and are priced at $180 MSRP ($18/cigar). The Summer edition is expected to arrive on retail shelves Monday, June 19th.

AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023 Summer cigars closeup

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