It seems like only yesterday that the world sat around, wondering when this whole artificial intelligence thing would seem more intelligent and less artificial. Sure, Siri and Alexa were fun, but those felt more like gimmicks compared to the future we were promised by our trustworthy Sci-Fi pastime! Then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, shockingly functional AI came crashing onto our social timelines as if by a coordinated assault on humanity: images, language models, music, video… you can even train AI on a person’s voice and have them say whatever you input.

Given access to such power, naturally, we put the robots to good use, reimagining some of the cigar industry’s most prominent personalities as they’ve always meant to be seen, but were limited to their mortal representations due to technological restraints… until now!

Sure, it’s potentially dangerous (and most likely the beginning of the end of mankind), but that’s a risk we’re willing to take… for entertainment’s sake!

This segment originally appeared as an episode of Smoke Night LIVE: Cigar Industry Personalities According to Ai

Hover/drag over the images below to reveal their AI mashups

Master Sensei – Cigar Dojo

/imagine Master Sensei in sumo form

You know, like the Dojo logo…

Dion Giolito – Illusione Cigars

/imagine Dion Giolito finally joining the Illuminati

*Before image* credit: Cigar Aficionado

Tom Lazuka – Asylum Cigars

/imagine Tom Lazuka gone MAD!

  • Atlantic Cigar Sale

William Cooper – Cigar Coop

/imagine William Cooper as an old-school sportswriter

We’ve always felt that Coop was born in the wrong era

*Before image* credit: William Cooper

Matt Booth – Room101 Cigars

/imagine Matt Booth as a Civil War soldier

*Before image* credit: @itsboofybaby

Jonathan Drew – Drew Estate

/imagine Jonathan Drew as New York graffiti

*Before image* credit: Jonathan Drew

Michael Herklots – Ferio Tego

/imagine Michael Herklots between his time with Nat Sherman and Ferio Tego

Yeah… he was homeless

*Before image* credit: Ferio Tego

  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
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