Casdagli Cigars is set to join the growing list of cigarmakers to enter the crypto space, launching a cigar-centric NFT this March.

The project is a collaboration with The Blockchainsmoker and The Ape Society, and will operate like a cigar group (hosted through a Discord channel) that is granted access to limited cigar projects through ownership of the club’s NFTs.

Essentially, The Ape Society is handling the technical creation of the NFT (non-fungible token), The Blockchainsmoker is the group, and Casdagli is the first cigar offered through membership to said group.

Unlike other cigar NFTs thus far, this project is hosted on the Cardano blockchain, which is one of the leading competitors to Ethereum (where other cigar NFTs have been hosted).

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The way this all works goes something like this:

  • People will buy group membership NFTs through the upcoming mint. This grants you access to the club, with varying levels of access depending on the grade of NFT purchased.
  • The first round of cigar NFTs (Casdagli’s NFT, in this case) will be air-dropped to the wallets of The Blockchainsmoker NFT holders.
  • NFT holders of the Casdagli NFT can redeem the NFT on The Blockchainsmoker website, allowing purchase of the cigar itself. Alternatively, the NFT can be sold/traded on the open market.
  • When NFTs are redeemed for cigars, the NFT is burned by The Blockchainsmoker, removing it from circulation permanently.

There are three tiers of membership: Club Lounge (2,000 NFTs), VIP Lounge (200 NFTs), and VIP Inner Lounge (200 NFTs). Each tier of NFT comes with its own set of perks, and an overview can be seen in the image below.The Blockchainsmoker NFT whitepaper overview

As Jeremy Casdagli (founder and CEO of Casdagli Cigars) is one of three founders (joined by Rune Wennesland and Martin Grüner) of The Blockchainsmoker, the first cigar NFT to be air-dropped is a limited-edition Casdagli cigar, which is dubbed The Whale.

“The smoking experience from any Casdagli cigar leaves no doubt about the quality we can deliver,” says Rune Wennesland, also a Co-Founder of The Blockchainsmoker. “If you are in the crypto community and you are going to buy quality cigars, why not go for a concept that ignites both passion for cigars and for the Blockchain space? We are in a unique position with technical Blockchain knowledge, access to cigars and cigar brands to partner with, 25 years of experience with cigar production, near world-wide distribution in place, and a lot of passion for what we do,” Wennesland continues. “And what better gift to a crypto “Whale” than a box of cigars called just that, ‘The Whale’,” he concludes.

The project is set to mint this March, and The Blockchainsmoker offers a guide on how to get started and how to purchase The Blockchainsmoker NFTs. For those looking for a more in-depth grasp on how the project will function, the group has published a helpful whitepaper (a common practice in the crypto and NFT spaces).

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