Smoke Inn Cigars and Tatuaje Cigars are set to join the NFT space, announcing seven limited-edition NFTs themed around the original Tatuaje Anarchy release that will launch in early 2023.

The concept is similar to the recent NFT launch from LFD, where the NFTs will be sold as auctions (save for one, which will be owned by Smoke Inn owner, Abe Dababneh). The winners of the NFTs will then be granted exclusive rights to a special 60-count collector’s box, consisting of 45 of the original Tatuaje Anarchy, and 15 Anarchy Pale Horse cigars that will “only have ever been made for the NFT holders.”

“It seems hard to deny the depth of consumer interest these days in specialty NFTs, especially if it is tied to a highly sought-after product. In my personal opinion, there has been no single store cigar release in the history of the premium cigar business greater than the original Tatuaje Anarchy. Anarchy was the first installment of our MicroBlend Series released in December of 2010. Production was 1500 – 15ct boxes, which at the time, and maybe still, is the largest run ever of a single store limited release. Amazingly, only 3 months later, and after the 2011 March issue of Playboy Magazine wrote about this cigar, an additional run of 1500 boxes were ordered. The original Anarchy was released again in 2015 in a very special offering of only 666 boxes that sold out almost instantly. The cigar has a proven track record and huge following amongst cigar lovers and collectors alike. This very special NFT offering will put this cigar to rest forever, only ever being made available to the lucky people who are fortunate enough to purchase one of the Tatuaje Anarchy NFTs. “I can’t wait to see what happens.” states Abe Dababneh.

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Ownership of the NFT will also provide access to purchase an additional 15 boxes (225 cigars) of Anarchy cigars per quarter at a price of $14 per cigar, as well as a canvas version of the owner’s NFT.

Pete Johnson comments about the project, “I’ve never fully understood NFT’s but when Abe pitched me his idea and explained how he wanted to bring back the original Anarchy in this offering, I immediately wanted to be involved.”

The first cigar-themed NFT to gain attention was by United Cigars in the spring of 2021 (as NFTs first caught attention by mainstream audiences). While this release was limited to the more rudimentary launch style of digital artwork, the recent attempts by LFD and Smoke Inn have advanced the concept with added utility. This removes much of the speculation associated with NFTs as they were initially envisioned, instead acting more along the lines of a ticket that grants access to real-world benefits.

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