Scandinavian Tobacco Group is announcing a new flavored cigar based on the popular Fireball Whisky brand. The cigar will come in two sizes (cigarillo and corona) and is produced in the Dominican Republic. Initially the cigar will be available at Thompson Cigar and later at Cigars International online and retail locations. The cigar is said to have a spicy cinnamon flavoring similar to it’s whisky counterpart.

Kevin Irvine, product coordinator of Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s (STG) Online and Retail division said, “Fireball is one of the most celebratory and sought-after spirits on the market and we’re proud to bring that unmistakable experience to life for our customers. For us, Fireball speaks to disrupting the market with a cigar that’s totally fun and unexpected and we’re confident this new line will be an instant hit.”

  • Fireball Cigarillo (4” x 30); SRP per cigar $2.70 SRP; SRP per tin containing 10 cigars $27.00
  • Fireball Corona (6.25” x 44); SRP per cigar $6.00; SRP per pack containing 5 cigars $30.00
  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
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