United Cigar Group today announced that the United Cigars Stadium Series II has begun shipping to retailers across the country.

As with 2021’s Stadium Series I, this year’s release is made in collaboration with CLE Cigar Co.; however, the 2022 edition moves from the Asylum brand to CLE Cigars. The release coincides with today’s MLB Opening Day, with the cigars being made to “celebrate America’s pastime.”

United Cigars CLE Stadium Series cigar

As such, the cigars—which use the CLE Corojo blend—are rolled in the Eiroas’ bat-shaped 11/18 figurado size, and are packaged in triangular boxes that unfold to resemble a baseball stadium and field. Further distinguishing the cigars from the conventional CLE Corojo, the figurados feature a United Cigar sub-band and a pin-striped version of CLE’s tissue paper sleeves.

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While last year’s release featured nine cigars to represent each of the regulation innings, the Stadium Series II comes in boxes of 12. “We had to go a few extra-innings to get this one done,” said Oliver Nivaud, director of operations for United Cigars. “Made the call to the Bullpen and got 3 more innings out of CLE.”

The Stadium Series II is priced at $10 per cigar ($120 per box) and should begin arriving at retailers later this week or early next week. Additionally, United makes clear that the series will continue annually, and is not necessarily limited to baseball or Eiroa collaborations for future releases.

United Cigars CLE Stadium Series cigar box closed

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