Partagas came out with its latest version of the long-running, limited Decadas series last year for 2021. The Partagas Decadas is a cigar line that started in 2005, halted in 2009 for 10 years, and restarted in 2019. Since then, it has been a yearly release. The Decadas is created to honor the founder, Ramón Cifuentes, who oversaw Partagas’ emigration from Cuba to the Dominican Republic during the 1970s.

The creation of this line was based on tobacco harvested in 1995 for a vintage-type cigar release. Each year, there has been a single-size release, with the vitola differing with each new iteration. There is one common feature between them all: Cameroon-seed wrappers. Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas 2021 features a unique Brazilian-grown Cameroon wrapper. The leaf comes from the fertile Bahia region of Brazil. The combination of the climate and curing process is described by Partagas as “[producing] a creamy leaf that blends beautifully with other varieties of tobacco.”

“Partagas Decadas 2021 was created for cigar connoisseurs who seek extraordinary smoking experiences. The blend was developed to deepen the intrigue of our proprietary, Brazilian grown Cameroon wrapper and delivers the ultimate super premium indulgence. This is a smoke that the true cigar lover should seek to add to their collection.” —Matt Wilson, senior brand manager of Partagas.

As a limited release, Partagas Decadas 2021 offers premium tobaccos from the Nicaraguan regions of Ometepe, Estelí, and Jalapa; these are layered with Dominican Piloto Cubano within the filler. A Connecticut Havano binder rounds out the blend, making for a complex recipe (at least on paper), albeit without the vintage statements traditionally associated with the brand.

Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas 2021 Breakdown

  • Wrapper: Brazilian Cameroon
  • Binder: Connecticut Havano
  • Filler: Nicaragua (Ometepe | Estelí | Jalapa) | Dominican Piloto Cubano
  • Factory: General Cigar Dominicana (Dominican Republic)
  • Production: Limited Edition
  • Vitola: 6″ × 52 (Toro)
  • Price: $17.99 (MSRP)
  • Atlantic Cigar Sale


Partagas Decadas 2021 catches the eye with a very nice wrapper and a mesmerizing deep blue band. The wrapper is a medium coffee bean color with a lightly toothy touch. There are two bands: the main one having the name on a deep blue background, and the second just below featuring a picture of Ramón Cifuentes. They come in a 10-count box with a similar deep ocean blue color that really catches the eye. Each cigar rests in its own blue coffin, which adds a really nice touch for packaging. I find more and more that a blue color on cigar bands, boxes, and labels offers a great color contrast to the dark colors of the leaf.

Overall, compared to previous releases in the series, this cigar by far has the best appearance—both in terms of cigar construction and packaging. Of note, the wrapper does seem very fragile—I would not encourage smoking this toro while doing any activities.

The Decadas is a very dense cigar when feeling and touching it. There are, once again, small bumps noted on the wrapper. The cigar smells strongly of cedar, mineral, and cumin, which intensifies toward the foot.

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Smoking Experience

Partagas Decadas 2021 has a thick, earthy flavor on the tongue. The mouthfeel of this cigar is very chewy, with the smoke seeming to coat the entire palate on each draw. The retrohale brings out strong black pepper to the experience. There is a significant amount of salivation, with the smoke hitting the backend of the palate. This is joined by a light flavor of creamy cashew.

The draw is pretty tight, but with the strength of this cigar, this is likely a good thing, slowing the experience down so you don’t get light-headed. The construction is very dense, and is likely the reason for the tighter draw.

Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas 2021 review

As the smoking experience continues with the Partagas Decadas 2021, the mouthfeel only intensifies. Earthy flavors continue, but the creamy cashew and salty mineral notes are becoming more present. On the retrohale, black pepper is mild, lessening to just light black pepper at the end of the smoke. The salivation continues, but slows down as the cigar comes to a close. The last bit of the experience is dominated with saltiness and a mineral flavor. The mouthfeel has lightened up somewhat, and is not as thick as the earlier portions of the smoke. Finally, a slight coffee character comes in at the very end of the retrohale.

The biggest notes of Partagas Decadas 2021 are strong, earthy, creamy cashew flavors that coat the palate. Overall, this thick, chewy feeling would make it hard to smoke much of anything else after this cigar, because it just hangs on the taste buds.

Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas 2021 cigar ash

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?

I would smoke this cigar again; however, it needs to be for a special occasion—at a time where I am pretty sedentary and enjoying special company, a good drink, and great discussion. This wrapper can’t take much in action or weather elements since it does seem fairly fragile. Additionally, I would make sure this is the only cigar smoked that that night (or the last cigar of the night), due to the thick smoking texture.

  • Flavor: Medium
  • Strength: Medium
  • Body: Medium
Core Flavors
  • Thick earthy
  • Creamy cashew
  • Mineral
  • Salty
  • Smoke Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Pairing Recommendation: Rye bourbon | Ginger beer | Kentucky Mule | Hot cinnamon tea
  • Purchase Recommendation: Try one

Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas 2021 cigar nub finished

Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas 2021
Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas 2021 is a limited cigar that produces a thick, earthy mouthfeel. Its construction is dense, making for a tighter draw, but overall might be a plus, especially for those looking for a more drawn-out experience. The mixture of earthy, creamy cashew and black pepper makes for an enjoyable, luxurious smoke. Care does need to be taken though, as the wrapper is on the fragile side.
  • Deep earthy coating of the palate
  • Meaty, dense cigar
  • Unique experience, which matches for a limited release
  • Tighter Draw
  • Strength to flavors is not on the same level
  • Wrapper is a bit fragile, so just be cautious
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  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
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