UPDATE: This contest is over.

Super Bowl Winners – 16 possible points, 286 entries.

1st Brian Nobles AKA @Elkadeo (15 points)

6 people tied for 2nd place with 14 of 16 points. The tiebreaker of total combined score was used to determine the 2nd and 3rd place winners.

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2nd Ross Wetzel AKA @sonofdon (14 points)
3rd Jeremy Wente AKA @Wente (14 points)

Last year Wayne Brock AKA TheWB stunned the world getting 15 out of 15 possible points in the pick’em contest. Can anyone come close to Wayne’s accuracy in 2022?? Yes folks that’s right the Big Game is this Sunday and it’s your chance to win some great prizes from Drew Estate. You don’t even need to know anything about football to win. All you need to do is make about how the game will unfold and the best three guessers will win. The grand prize is a Drew Estate 20 Acre Farm RTIC cooler plus a rare Dojo Sun Grown DOGMA gong. Second place will get the 20 Acre Farm cooler and third place will get an H99 travel bag and a retro Drew Estate Bluetooth speaker.

You must enter prior to kick-off on February 13th 2022. If you submit multiple entries only your most recent entry will be considered as your official entry – your previous entries will be rejected. You must be a member of the Dojoverse.com to be eligible to win.


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