Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust will launch the company’s highly anticipated StillWell Star brand on Nov. 5th, offered through an exclusive event with Low Country Pipe & Cigar tobacconist in Little River, South Carolina.

The StillWell Star line made its debut in August at this year’s PCA trade show, where company founder, Steve Saka, introduced a collection of four cigars that contain custom-tailored pipe tobaccos within the blend. Saka worked hand in hand with Jeremy Reeves, head blender at Cornell & Diehl, for the cigar’s creation, with the StillWell Star described as “the world’s first luxury pipe tobacco cigar.”

This release is reportedly the first exclusive launch for a core-line Dunbarton brand—Low Country Pipe & Cigar has been chosen as they are the sister company to Cornell & Diehl. As such, the cigars will be made available through the company’s online storefront as well as an in-person launch party, taking place on Nov. 5th at 3pm (EST).

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust StillWell Star cigar lineup

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StillWell Star consists of four blends: Aromatic No. 1, English No. 27, Bayou No. 32, and Navy No. 1056. Each cigar is rolled in a singular 6″ x 52 toro format and packaged in boxes of 13 cigars. All four make use of the same wrapper (Grade A Ecuador Habano) and binder (San Andrés Negro), while the fillers are tweaked to accommodate the given pipe tobaccos.

Each of these expressions provides the cigar smoker with a distinct experience. The pipe tobaccos exhibit themselves in every puff, yet they work in harmony with the richness of the cigars’ blends. An experienced pipe smoker can clearly discern the flavors typically associated with the classic style of each pipe blend, while the cigar smoker can enjoy these nuances in their preferred smoking format.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust StillWell Star is a national release and will open up to retailers across the country in the coming weeks, following the launch-party event with Low Country Pipe & Cigar.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust StillWell Star cigar box open

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