Crux Cigars was among the least-changed booth presences at PCA 2021, showcasing the overhauled booth that debuted at the IPCPR 2019 trade show. Also introduced in 2019 was a modernized rebranding for the majority of the company’s cigars, which expanded to one more line for 2021: Crux du Connoisseur.

Crux du Connoisseur now follows the vibe—albeit to an upgraded extent—set forth in 2019. This was teased at the TPE trade show earlier this year, but was on display for the first time at PCA 2021. The new look was shown on the original three sizes in the line, as well as the introduction of a new corona gorda format, dubbed Crux du Connoisseur No. 4. This line is priced between $9 and $12, with the first batch containing three years’ aging at the time of shipment (though such aging cannot be guaranteed moving forward).

The company also offered the Crux Limitada cigar in an exclusive size known as The Show—a 5″ x 52 box-pressed 109-style marblehead format that has been offered exclusively to retailers that attend the trade show dating back to 2016. There was also the 7″ x 54 double corona addition to the Bull & Bear line, as well as the 6″ x 54 Short Salomone size for the Epicure, Epicure Maduro, and Limitada lines.

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Crux Cigars booth PCA 2021Crux du Connoisseur cigars updated packaging PCA 2021Crux du Connoisseur cigar PCA 2021

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