Nine months after formally debuting the Cigar Dojo app 2.0 (aka Dojoverse), Cigar Dojo is proud to announce—in collaboration with Camacho Cigars—the Brotherhood of Camp Camacho virtual experience.

Camp Camacho is now expanded outside the boundaries of Honduras, offering Camacho’s signature bold experience on a virtual platform. This is made possible through the Dojo’s existing app, where Camacho has become the first brand to work hand in hand with Cigar Dojo in creating a unique experience for cigar enthusiasts.

Beginning today, we welcome Camacho fans to join the Camacho brotherhood on our newly-created interactive platform powered by Dojoverse. Fans can earn bold badges and shields by rising to certain challenges and connect with the community that manifest the DNA of “Where Bold is Born.”

Camp Camacho virtual experience overview

Camp Camacho connects cigar enthusiasts from across the world with interactive challenges and rewards, where smoking Camacho cigars and checking into events will earn users badges, shields, and much more. Each milestone along the cigar enthusiast’s unique journey adds to their personal collection, ultimately granting access to the Camp Camacho Wall (where users’ names will be displayed both virtually and physically at Camacho’s factory in Honduras) and the Board of the Bold group (granting secretive additional perks).

“We are thrilled to work in collaboration with Cigar Dojo to bring the Camp Camacho experience to life on a bigger scale for our fans to experience. When Camacho thrill-seekers journey to our Camp in Honduras they embark on a quest of exhilarating adventure, developing a strong connection with the Camacho community. Our team has worked together to best immerse Camacho enthusiasts into a similar experience that we hope everyone will enjoy,” says Lana Fraser, Head of Marketing and Retail.

Camp Camacho Dojoverse shields

Camp Camacho is available for all cigar enthusiasts beginning today, which can be accessed through or through the groups section of the Dojoverse app. Here, users are immersed in a Camacho-centric galaxy within the Dojoverse, showcasing the full Camacho portfolio of cigars, Camacho-approved retail locations (known as Camacho Outposts), a list of Camacho events (both virtual and in-person), a classroom for Camacho knowledge, and much more.

Eric Guttormson, owner of Cigar Dojo, shares, “The Dojoverse just got a lot more bold. The Camp Camacho social platform, which is located within the Dojoverse, is an exciting new feature that adds more ways to explore and enjoy the Camacho brand for our community and beyond.”

Enter Camp Camacho virtual experience

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