Cigar Dojo’s ninth annual year-end list is slated to begin on Monday, January 11th. As with recent years, our list will consist of three categories: Top 10 Cigars of the Year, Top 5 Limited Edition Cigars, and five Exceptional awards. This year, we will reveal two cigars per day, beginning on Monday and leading into the final three cigars, revealed live on Friday night.

Below, you will find the schedule for our Cigar of the Year reveals, as well as our guidelines showing what cigars qualify for each list.

COTY Awards Schedule

Date Reveal
1.11.21 #10 (see our pick)
#9 (see our pick)
1.12.21 #8 (see our pick)
#7 (see our pick)
1.13.21 #6 (see our pick)
#5 (see our pick)
1.14.21 #4
1.15.21 #3
Top 5 Limited Edition
Exceptional Awards

Top 10 COTY List

  1. $20 & under (median MSRP across cigar line must be $20 or under)
  2. Regular production (no limited editions, shop exclusives, etc.—ongoing small-batch production is accepted)
  3. Sold in the USA
  4. Released in 2020 (this is perhaps the most important factor—without this distinction, a year-end list may as well be called “Top Cigars We Happened to Be into This Year”)

To assemble this list, each member of the Cigar Dojo staff, including contributing reviewers, builds their own, personal ranking of the top 10 cigars of 2020 (using the guidelines listed above). Cigars are then given points, with the no. 1 cigar receiving 10 points, the no. 2 cigar receiving 9 points, etc. Cigars that do not receive at least two votes are then discarded, ensuring that an outlier cannot enter the list simply because it receives 10 points from a single vote. After the points are tallied, the top 20 cigars are then tweaked by Cigar Dojo’s founding members, Eric and Jordan Guttormson, ensuring all picks are consistent with the culture Cigar Dojo has worked to cultivate since 2012.

Top 5 Limited Edition List

  1. Cigars must have a limited-edition production for 2020
  2. Sold in the USA
  3. No price restriction
  4. Released in 2020 (this can include size changes, such as a pre-existing line being introduced in a previously unreleased format for 2020)
As Cigar Dojo does not review our own collaborative releases, these cigars are likewise prohibited from being listed in our year-end rankings.

Because our Top 10 list is geared towards regularly produced cigars that can be acquired by most anyone, this can leave some of the most fun releases of the year (e.g. limited-edition cigars) unnoticed. Limited-edition cigars will often incorporate rare tobaccos that, while having the potential to showcase some of the most unique smoking experiences available, are intrinsically difficult to obtain. We feel that these cigars deserve to be recognized, but should not be lumped into the standard collection of newly released brands for the given release year.

As with recent years’ rankings, this list is limited to five cigars.

Exceptional Awards List

  1. Sold in the USA
  2. Released in 2020

The Exceptional Awards list is unique, highlighting a wide range of cigar styles, including our picks for the top-ranked “luxury cigar,” “value cigar,” “under-the-radar cigar,” and more. Because of this, each award contains slightly different guidelines, with each category collectively meeting the two guidelines listed above. Additionally:

  1. Under the Radar: top cigar that we feel is somewhat unnoticed by the average enthusiast
  2. Value: top cigar that is geared towards affordability—for 2020, the cigar must be priced in the $6-and-under price range
  3. Luxury: this cigar personifies the luxury lifestyle, including upscale/exotic packaging and a general feel of opulence
  4. Factory: picked subjectively based on factories that offered superior consistency and quality throughout their various brands, lines, and sizes offered in 2020.
  5. Brand: this pick is completely subjective, with Cigar Dojo staff members voting on the cigar brand that they felt saw the biggest gains, made influential changes, and generally captured the attention of the cigar world throughout 2020

COTY Plaques

All 20 Cigar of the Year winners are given a plaque, showing off the cigar, along with a few stats to give a quick impression of each blend. The guidelines behind these stats are as follows:

  1. Country: the country where the cigar is rolled
  2. Body: our subjective conclusion of the cigar’s body on a scale of 1–5
  3. Price: the median price (MSRP) across a cigar’s entire line is evaluated. Median prices that fall between $0 and $8.99 are considered affordable (one price symbol); prices ranging from $9 to $14.99 are considered average (two price symbols); cigars with prices $15 and above are considered expensive (three price symbols).
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