On a special guest appearance for Flavor Odyssey, Cigar Dojo’s pairings-based live show, Steve Saka revealed a clever sampler release for his Sobremesa Brûlée brand, as well as hints for other new sizes to be released in 2020, and some that were scheduled but will now most likely be delayed until 2021.

The announcement centered around a five-count sampler of the Sobremesa Brûlée, dubbed STFU!!!. Sobremesa Brûlée first debuted in 2019, becoming a hot topic in craft cigar circles, as many debated whether or not the cigar featured a sweetened tip. Adding fuel to the fire, Saka’s STFU!!! sampler will offer smokers three different variations of the Connecticut-wrapped Brûlée blend: one being the original-release cigar, another featuring the cigar with a sweetened tip, and a third that offers a double-sweetened tip. The final two cigars are random and could be any combination of the aforementioned versions of the Brûlée. All five cigars are rolled in the 6″ x 52 toro format.

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The sampler’s name—being similar to Saka’s former #NLMTHA release—has obvious implication to the debate over the Brûlée, though he revealed the acronym to mean “Saka’s Taste For U’rself.” In the sampler, priced at $59.50 MSRP, the cigars will each be banded with an S,T,F,U, or !, and Saka will let smokers decide for themselves what each represents before revealing the variations on September 15th.

Additionally, Dunbarton is slated to release two new sizes of the Triqui Traca blend (Toro and Gigantes) this year, as well as a lonsdale-sized Sobremesa Brûlée “Blue”. Finally, higher-end renditions of Dunbarton’s Mi Querida and Sin Compromiso brands were planned for this year, though they were said to be most likely pushed back to 2021. Working titles for these blends are Mi Querida Green and Sin Compromiso Platinum, though the latter is said to change by the eventual release.

This article was updated on 6-11-20 to add the sampler’s price point.

Dunbarton STFU!!! sampler pack label

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