UPDATE: The 3 winner’s of #Cigarbecue2020 were as follows:

Can you believe it’s been 10 years?? That’s right folks it’s the 10th annual Cigarbecue! Cigarbecue the one day of the year we invite you to fire up your grill, put some cold beer on ice and have a full lineup of tasty cigars to smoke. Cigarbecue is the longest running Dojo event that happens every spring without fail. How do you participate you ask? Well for one it’s the ultimate shelter-in-place event because you don’t have to leave the confines of your own back yard tp participate. Simply arrange your own BBQ day and have your Cigar Dojo app handy so you can share all the delicious food you are cooking up, drinks you are consuming, and of course the cigars you are are smoking. It’s a virtual world-wide BBQ party.

Official event playlist! (as selected by Dojonation!)

If your spouse has created a “honey-do” list for the day you can tell them… “Nope sorry… today is Cigarbecue and it’s basically a national holiday so I can’t do any work.” BOOM! Cigarbecue is your instant get out of jail free card. Cigarbecue is YOUR day to relax and enjoy the fellowship along with the rest of Dojonation.

This year’s Cigarbecue is sponsored by Drew Estate the rebirth of cigars. We will be awarding three folks a prize for wowing us with their Cigarbecue enthusiasm. Simply enter on the day of Cigarbecue by posting pics of you version of Cigarbecue with the hashtag #Cigarbecue2020 (prizes announced soon)

WHEN: May 24th 2020
TIME: Day… night… whatever works for you
WHERE: Wherever you are, all you need is the Dojo app on your phone.
ESSENTIALS: Cigars, Food, Cold Drink, and more Cigars.

Thousands of cigar fanatics all spending the day smoking, cooking and drinking! Can you think of anything better?

This Drew Estate Weber grill and many other items up for grabs for those that participate!

Runner-up prizes…

Drew Estate/Pappy Van Winkle ash tray…

Herrera Esteli Benchmark cutter…

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