Earlier this year, AVO Cigars debuted a new, limited collection of four cigars under the Unexpected Series. Included in the collection were the AVO Unexpected Moment, AVO Unexpected Passion, AVO Unexpected Celebration, and AVO Unexpected Tradition. Each cigar featured bright-colored packaging and altered geometric renditions of the AVO logo. Finally, each Unexpected cigar revealed a singular statistic highlighting a unique feature of the given blend:

  • AVO Unexpected Passion: Every cigar passionately composed with a tobacco leaf aged for 25 years
  • AVO Unexcepted Celebration: Rolled with the highest quality tobaccos then left to age for 6 years
  • AVO Unexpected Moment: Blended with highly aromatic tobacco grown on a unique Dominican Finca
  • AVO Unexpected Tradition: Crafted with a rare native tobacco from Peru
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In a special episode of Smoke Night LIVE—broadcasting from the Davidoff headquarters in Tampa and featuring guests Lana Fraser, George Rami, Eddy Guerra, and Scott Kolesaire—the company revealed the unexpected nature of the collection. From AVO Cigars:

It’s been great journey sharing the AVO Unexpected Series with you. There’s just been so much to discover and share. From the 25 year aged tobacco leaf in AVO Unexpected Passion to the rare native Peruvian tobacco in AVO Unexpected Tradition, we had so much fun brining this Limited Edition Series to life.

We really don’t want the journey to end. And, we have good news… It doesn’t have to.

During the show, AVO revealed that the four-piece collection will not actually be limited, in fact, the collection has been available to consumers for some time. Each cigar in the Unexpected Series represents one of four blends in the company’s core lineup:

  • Passion is the AVO Classic
  • Celebration is AVO XO
  • Moment is AVO Domaine
  • Tradition is AVO Heritage

We wanted to show you that there is so much to discover every time you light up an AVO cigar. Now, you can keep enjoying our artfully blended and unexpectedly crafted AVO Cigars all year round.

We hope you have enjoyed this Unexpected Journey as much as we have and you keep exploring all that these amazing cigars have to offer.

As always, Live in the Unexpected.

The reveal portion of the show can be seen below:

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