After announcing an all-new look, marketing, and slogan in June of this year, Crux Cigars is now set to begin shipping the first wave of cigars with the brand’s updated layout.

Crux will begin shipping the brand’s Epicure, Epicure Maduro, and Guild blends in various sizes later this week. The update features a modern, clean layout, being more consistent between each unique line. The updated packaging is also unique in that it offers three selling points for retailers: box, 5-packs, and singles, all of which are contained within each box of cigars.

Crux Epicure cigar box rebrand

At this year’s trade show, Crux displayed five brands in the new layout: Epicure, Epicure Maduro, Limitada, Guild, and Bull & Bear. The company plans to ship ‘phase 2’ of the rebrand later this year, including the Limitada and Bull & Bear lines.

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Crux’s brand overhaul includes a new company logo, box packaging, cigar bands/logos, and a new slogan, moving from the former “#GoCruxYourself” to the updated “FindYourCrux.” Crux emphasizes that, while the updated cigars look nothing like the originals, the blends themselves are identical to their former selves.

Crux rebranded cigar bands

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