Five years after first launching the Crux Cigars brand, the company is completely changing its appearance, showcasing a new logo, packaging, refreshed blend specific branding, and a more cohesive communication strategy.

At this time, Crux has only revealed the updated company logo, which steers the brand in a much more clean, modern, and professional direction. In addition, Crux has updated their slogan/hashtag to “#FindYourCrux,” departing from the former, “#GoCruxYourself.”

Crux has always been about celebrating life’s successes, failures, and moments of reflection. In these moments, you will ​find your crux​. We find our crux when we grow communities through relationships.Jeff Haugen, Crux Cigars owner

The updated look will make its debut at the 2019 IPCPR trade show, held later this month in Las Vegas. At launch, Crux will have five of their pre-existing brands updated: Epicure, Epicure Maduro, Limitada, Guild, and Bull & Bear. There will be additional changes coming in Q4 of this year, with the Passport, Skeeterz, and Ninfamaniac brands following suit.

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