West Por Dios Cigar Company is set to debut with a lineup of three cigar blends, launching at Espinosa Premium Cigars’ annual La Zona Palooza on Nov. 1st.

The company, known by the acronym WPD, was formed by Tanner James, Jay Roudebush, and Alan Pritt—three self-proclaimed Appalachians that are best known for their West Virginia-based cigar shop, Almost Havana Cigar Lounge. The trio began working with the La Zona factory and Héctor J. Alfonso Sr., director of operations at Espinosa Premium Cigars, in November of 2017. The company draws inspiration from the Appalachian scenery/vibe of their home base in Teays Valley, tying the mountainous region to the volcanic mountains of Nicaragua.

West Por Dios Cigar Company (WPD) has teamed up with La Zona to give life to a vision: cigars that embody the rich, bold, and volatile culture shared in the mountains of Appalachia and Nicaragua.West Por Dios Cigar Company

The company is debuting three blends on Nov. 1st, all of which will be sold directly through WestPorDios.com (as well as a select number of retail partners). The cigars range from mild to medium/full in body, each making use of similar filler ingredients and all three being wrapped in different styles of Habano leaves. Playing with the theme of Nicaragua (where the cigars are rolled) and the Appalachian Mountains, each cigar features an alternate, Spanish moniker.

The Appalachian

The Appalachian is the mildest of the blends, offering a rustic smoke with traces of cedar, pepper, and coffee. Truly a daily-driver, this cigar works whether you light up on a foggy hilltop in the morning, or in a dew-covered valley at night.

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WPD Appalachian artwork



Moonshine (aka. Luz de la Luna) is a medium-plus blend with loads of choclate and a hint of spice. If you haven’t learned to retrohale, now is the time — the sweetness will coat your palate, and a spicy tingle will open your nose.

WPD Moonshine artwork

The Devil in the Mountain

The Devil in the Mountain (aka. Diablo de la Montana) is a medium-to-full blend that stays true to its namesake. Woodsy. Spicy. A touch of heat on the retrohale. This cigar deserves to be smoked around a bonfire.

WPD The Devil in the Mountain artwork

The company has not yet provided information on pricing and sizes that will be introduced at launch.

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