Last week, Colibri announced the company’s first new product for 2018 with the Quasar Cut. Colibri has now unveiled yet another cutter, Colibri S-Cut [serrated].

Colibri essentially has two primary cutter designs: Cut and S-Cut (with the brand’s popular V-Cut operating with the same overall design as the S-Cut). For S-Cut [serrated], the blades feature serrated tips, which Colibri explains as “a precise cut without forfeiting the longevity and strength of the fine serrations—the result is a perfect balance of durability and precision cutting […]”

The S-Cut [serrated] also gets an upgraded body with all new pachmayr-patterned front and back panels, giving the cutter a beautifully rich appearance, better feel and grip, and increased durability of the finish.

Colibri S-Cut [serrated] will be showcased in mid-July at IPCPR 2018. The cutters arrive in four finishes (black, polished chrome+black, polished rose+black and gunmetal) and are scheduled to ship to retailers in late July. The company is listing the cutters for $49 SRP.

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