Previously, Cigar Dojo crunched the numbers to tally 20 of our favorite small cigars, including cigarillos, petits, machine-mades, hand-rolled, flavored cigars, or anything else one would consider “small.” This proved to be quite the popular topic with smokers—enough so that we’ve decided to showcase another 20, this time homing in on petit coronas.

Traditionally, the corona is the size by which all others are measured (despite today’s gravitation towards the robusto), ranging in size from 5½” to 6″ and a ring gauge of 42. Following this logic, the petit corona is simply a miniaturized version, traditionally sized at roughly 5″ x 42. But, as with many other vitolas, the modern renditions tend to push the boundaries, with a plethora of “little cigars” and a wider range of sizes entering the market under the petit corona label.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—we consumers only have so much patience for continuously evolving lexicon of cigar terminology. For the sake of this article, we’ll expand the guidelines of the petit corona to include lengths of 3½” to 5″ and ring gauges of 36 to 46.

To generalize, petit coronas are essentially the smallest format you’ll find in the average lineup of premium cigars. Moving down in size, you begin to enter cigarillo territory, where cigars are often (but not always) machine-made. Moving up in size, you begin to find the more common (higher) price points and smoking times of coronas, robustos, and Rothschilds, etc.

With a surprising affordability, smoking times ranging from 25 to 60 minutes, and quality tobaccos comparable to larger formats, the petit corona is not only a great way to build a strong base of quality/quantity in your humidor, these little guys will also make your daily grind a whole lot smoother when squeezed into lunch breaks, morning sessions, or cold environments that warrant shorter timeframes.

Note: while our previous article—The 20 Best Small Cigars—lumped all “small cigars” together, this article is more precise, showing only petit coronas. Cigars that were included in the original article have been excluded from this list. Additionally, for cigars on this list with similar versions available (e.g. natural and maduro), we’ve included only our preference of the two (or more). This allows for more variety on the list.
  1. Blood Red Moon Habano

    Made by Cult Cigars at the TACASA factory in Nicaragua (known for private label and affordable smoking experiences) Blood Red Moon has become a popular choice for providing good flavor in an affordable/portable package—costing around 10¢ per minute of smoking enjoyment. The cigars use Nicaraguan long-filler, a Nicaraguan binder, and an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper (also arriving in Connecticut and Maduro-wrapped versions). Cult Cigars has become known for unorthodox blends and sizes and the Blood Red Moon seems to have struck a winning combination, offering a medium body and enjoyable flavors of red pepper, cake doughnut, nuts, and cedar.

    • Price: $3.00
    • Packaging: 5-ct paper box
    • Size: 4¾” x 42
    • Smoke time: 30 mins
  2. Asylum Premium 44×4

    Asylum may have made a name for themselves by fully embracing of the modern gordo style (6x60s, 7x70s, 8x80s, you name it), but the Asylum Premium 44×4 shows the brand has a few more tricks up their sleeves. Asylum Premium (originally simply known as “Asylum”) was among the first two blends released by the company at their official debut in 2012. Asylum Premium has a medium body and makes use of a Nicaraguan puro blend, showing flavors of rich earth, black pepper, medium-roast coffee, and baker’s cocoa. While the MSRP is $5.80, these can be found for as low as $3.80 per cigar.

    • Price: $5.80
    • Packaging: 25-ct box
    • Size: 4″ x 44
    • Smoke time: 40 mins
  3. JOYA Red Half Corona

    Joya de Nicaragua is famous for being the first and oldest premium cigar manufacturer in Nicaragua. But in 2014 the brand set out to modernize their name, introducing the bright and energetic JOYA Red. A year after release, Joya debuted a petit corona size for the European market and, due to popularity, was introduced to the US the year following. As if JOYA Red wasn’t already the “gateway drug” for the Joya brand, these little snacks will finish the job! The cigars burn in a scientifically calculated “lunch break” timeframe, offering high flavor output and a mild/medium body that won’t weigh you down for the rest of the day. Flavors are bright and in the ballpark of sweet cedar, assorted nuts, dried apricot, nougat, and a touch of clean spice.

    • Price: $4.75
    • Packaging: 5-ct box | 20-ct box
    • Size: 3¾” x 46
    • Smoke time: 35 mins
  4. Négociant Monopole No. 4

    Tatuaje Négociant Monopole No. 4 petit corona

    The Négociant line is one of the newest to the Tatuaje portfolio, noted for being among the company’s only Connecticut Shade-style blends. The cigars take their name from the winemaking industry, where négociants buy product from other growers/winemakers and sell the finished wine as their own. For Tatuaje Négociant, the company has borrowed the cigar and its classically geared nuances from sister-company L’Atelier Imports. This premium blend is made at the famed My Father Cigars factory and uses a unique blend, consisting of Nicaraguan long-fillers, a double binder of Mexican San Andrés Nicaraguan tobaccos, and an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. This combination offers a long smoke time and a supremely creamy profile of white pepper, caramel, butterscotch, horchata-like complexity, and a soft vanilla on the finish.

    • Price: $8.00
    • Packaging: 25-ct box
    • Size: 4⅛″ × 46
    • Smoke time: 65 mins
  5. Aladino Petit Corona

    Aladino is the most premium offering from newcomer JRE Tobacco Company, managed by Julio Eiroa and his son Justo (the family is best known as the previous owners of Camacho Cigars). For Aladino (named for an old Honduran cinema), the line is surprisingly large, spanning 12 vitolas and ranging from a petit corona to a whopping 9″ x 48 giant! The Eiroa family prides themselves on their old-school approach, focusing on quality and consistency throughout the entire line. This makes for one impressive small cigar, showing a bright flavor profile of cedar sawdust, citrus, freshly ground coffee, and sourdough bread.

    • Price: $5.50
    • Packaging: 20-ct box
    • Size: 4″ x 40
    • Smoke time: 38 mins
  6. Oliva Serie V No. 4

    At 5″ x 43, the Oliva Serie V No. 4 is a bit longer than most on this list. However, despite many modern petit coronas moving towards shorter lengths, this is perhaps the closest to the Cuban standard presented here. The cigar is a bit more expensive than many on the list (at least at this point, keep reading…), but its healthy smoking time still provides a great value at roughly 12¢ per minute. Since launching in 2007, Oliva Serie V has maintained a strong following amongst enthusiasts. This is because the blend marked the first truly full-bodied offering from Oliva. The lineup was tentatively expanded in 2011 with this, the No. 4, being released in limited quantities and primarily aimed at the European market. But the No. 4 proved to be flavorful enough to endure the demands of the American market, and has remained a go-to choice for many when a short, yet full smoke is in order.

    • Price: $6.55
    • Packaging: 24-ct box
    • Size: 5″ x 43
    • Smoke time: 50 mins
  7. El Oso “Cub”

    El Oso “Cub” is a nice mixture of old and new. For starters, the cigars are made at the renowned El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami’s “Little Havana” neighborhood, a boutique operation that is known to employ only the highest level rollers in the world. As far as the “modern,” Warped represents the next wave of craft cigars, presenting clean designs, style, and palates for the enthusiast. El Oso is the darkest blend in Warped’s portfolio, using an Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper over an Ecuadorian binder and fillers of Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Using traditional Cuban rolling techniques and limited to only 150 cigars per day, smokers can expect artisanal craftsmanship and rich flavors of chocolate, black licorice, pepper, and charred oak.

    • Price: $11.67
    • Packaging: 20-ct box
    • Size: 4″ x 44
    • Smoke time: 42 mins
  8. Ashton VSG Trés Mystique

    Ashton VSG Trés Mystique petit corona

    Ashton Virgin Sun Grown is famous for helping to usher in the modern preference for full-bodied smoking experiences. As with all Ashton-branded cigars (i.e. not including La Aroma de Cuba, etc.), the VSG is rolled at the legendary Tabacalera A. Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic. The Trés Mystique size is the smallest in the VSG collection, offering a slightly restrained body (medium to medium-plus), pulling back from the FULL experience of its larger-sized siblings. The cigars showcase quintessential flavors of rich leather, mahogany, raw peppercorn, and caramel.

    • Price: $10.00
    • Packaging: 24-ct box
    • Size: 4⅜” x 44
    • Smoke time: 45 mins
  9. Eastern Standard Manzanita

    Eastern Standard was among the first releases from Caldwell Cigar Company in 2014. The brand became known for its unusual design, featuring a sketch of an old and bearded man front and center on the cigar’s band. But it was the intriguing flavors that kept enthusiasts coming back years later. The smallest size in the lineup is dubbed Manzanita, named for a small shrub. Considering the cigar’s bearded design and small stature, it’s oddly a fitting title. Eastern Standard is mild/medium in body and caters towards soft complexities over strength, using a selection of vintage, Grade A tobaccos to offer notes of white pepper, nutmeg, freshly ground coffee, exotic spices, and a satisfying nougat on the cigar’s long finish.

    • Price: $6.00
    • Packaging: 27-ct box
    • Size: 4″ x 42
    • Smoke time: 40 mins
  10. Mi Querida Pequeño Pequeño

    Not every cigar on the list is in full production, meaning some can be more difficult to find than others. Mi Querida Pequeño Pequeño is one such cigar. That’s not to say this little guy is an “ultra-limited” or “collector’s only” find, only that you need to know where to look. When Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust founder Steve Saka unveiled the Mi Querida lineup at IPCPR 2016, he included a few limited sizes that would be made as “request only” from retailers; Pequeño Pequeño is one such vitola. The cigars feature stellar construction, a medium body, and gritty flavors of black pepper, fresh soil, oak, and a creaminess comparable to Baileys Irish Cream.

    • Price: $7.45
    • Packaging: 20-ct box
    • Size: 4″ x 44
    • Smoke time: 42 mins
  11. Namakubi Ecuador Papi Chulo

    Namakubi Ecuador by Room101 was, at one time, the hottest action on the market, capturing the attention of cigar media and ardent enthusiasts across the country. The cigars were released in 2013, combining two of the brand’s most popular releases (Namakubi and OSOK) to capitalize on the company’s quickly growing fan base. And while most of the vitolas were large and exaggerated figurados, the Namakubi Ecuador Papi Chulo was a modest petit corona, arriving in chunky boxes of 50 cigars! Despite the brand being discontinued, the cigars can still be found with relative ease, giving the consumer the advantage of insanely low closeout prices (we’ve found them for as low as $2.60 per cigar—less than 7¢ per minute of smoke time, for those keeping score).

    • Price: $7.40
    • Packaging: 50-ct box
    • Size: 4″ x 42
    • Smoke time: 40 mins
  12. La Nox Petite

    La Nox Petite petit corona

    The original La Nox cigar debuted in 2015 and marked a new direction for La Flor Dominicana—ushering in highly acclaimed followup releases such as the Andalusian Bull and La Volcada in successive years. But for many, the original La Nox and its dark and ominous Mexican San Andrés wrapper remains the favorite. Because of the limited nature of the 2015 La Nox release, it came as somewhat of a surprise when LFD debuted a miniaturized version—La Nox Petite—at IPCPR 2016. The cigars are small enough to be packaged in portable five-count boxes, offering big flavors in a curiously small/convenient layout. La Nox Petite is medium in body, with dark flavors of leather, espresso, dark chocolate, prune, and maple syrup.

    • Price: $7.00
    • Packaging: 5-ct box | 50-ct box
    • Size: 5″ x 40
    • Smoke time: 55 mins
  13. Plasencia Reserva Original Nesticos

    Just like its larger siblings, Plasencia Reserva Original Nesticos is banded in the company’s signature three bands—an impressive feat, considering the cigar’s size! At just 4316” x 36, the Nesticos claims the title of the world’s first and smallest 100% ‘Certified Organic’ petit cigar. This is a proud accomplishment for the famed Placencia family, attempting to recreate a truly authentic smoking experience, not unlike the tobaccos that Europeans would’ve experienced for the first time upon discovering the New World. The cigars are mild/medium in body, offering a short burst of cedar, black pepper, hazelnut cream, and graham cracker—not a bad way to class-up your lunch break and a near-perfect pairing with your morning espresso.

    • Price: $4.40
    • Packaging: 25-ct box
    • Size: 4316” x 36
    • Smoke time: 25 mins
  14. Cabaiguan Guapos Junior Natural

    There are technically three versions of Cabaiguan cigars from Tatuaje: the original 2006 release and the updated Cabaiguan Guapos (Natural and Maduro). While the original blend was perhaps Tatuaje’s most mild in their vast portfolio, the updated Cabaiguan Guapos tweaked the blend for a slight increase in body. We have selected the Natural-wrapped variety, which swaps the original’s Connecticut Shade leaf for a darker Ecuadorian Connecticut Sol (sun-grown) wrapper. This is an unusual Connecticut, looking more like a classic Cuban Habano than the silky smooth cover leaf most enthusiasts are familiar with. The flavors are significantly more rich as well, giving this little smoke a punch of cabinet spice, cocoa, sweet cedar, fresh pine, buttered crackers, and nougat (on the finish).

    • Price: $7.50
    • Packaging: 20-ct box
    • Size: 4⅝” x 42
    • Smoke time: 45 mins
  15. Intemperance EC XVIII Charity Petito

    RoMa Craft Tobac’s Intemperance lineup was launched in 2012, marking the first official brand under RoMa Craft since debuting earlier in the year (although the company’s CroMagnon line was launched a year prior, before RoMa was an official entity). At launch, Intemperance consisted of eight cigars: two different blends with four sizes apiece. And while both blends offer the petit-sized 4″ x 46 vitola, we find the light-shade Intemperance EC XVIII to perform exceptionally well. The cigar’s name is an abbreviation, meaning Ecuador Connecticut 18—detailing the cigar’s wrapper and the 18th Amendment to the Constitution (with the Intemperance concept playing on the theme of prohibition in the U.S.). The cigars feature an exposed foot and a unique blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, an Indonesian binder, and an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. RoMa Craft and their Nica Sueño factory are known for rolling sturdy/weighty cigars, bunching high amounts of tobacco while maintaining an easy draw. This makes for long smoke times, even in cigars of this size. Expect a more intense profile than your average Connecticut, offering flavors of peanut butter, cocoa, cedar, white pepper, vanilla, and Nutella.

    • Price: $5.25
    • Packaging: 30-ct box
    • Size: 4″ x 46
    • Smoke time: 50 mins
  16. Davidoff Grand Cru No. 5

    Davidoff Grand Cru No. 5 petit corona

    Davidoff Grand Cru was the first brand built by the company when transitioning from Cuba to the Dominican Republic in the early ’90s. The cigars replaced Davidoff’s famed “Château Series,” switching to numbers to distinguish each vitola (where famous vineyards had previously been used). The Grand Cru No. 5 is the smallest in the lineup, highlighting the Cigars Davidoff factory’s skill for crafting luxurious smoking experiences in small formats. The blend makes use of a host of Dominican tobaccos in the filler and binder—which are grown by the legendary Kelner family specially to suit the Grand Cru recipe. The final cigar is wrapped in Ecuador Connecticut, showing a mild body and intriguing spices throughout. Flavors of barnyard, musk, white pepper, creamy nuts, and cedar are perfectly balanced for every minute of this high-class treat.

    • Price: $11.60
    • Packaging: 5-ct Paper box | 25-ct box
    • Size: 4″ x 41
    • Smoke time: 40 mins
  17. Fume D’Amour Lagunas

    Illusione is one of the most recognized names in the arena of craft/boutique operations, maintaining a strict standard of small-batch production since their beginnings in 2006. The company is known for their Nicaraguan puro blends, guided by founder Dion Giolito and his notoriously “pitch-perfect” palate. With Fume D’Amour, Dion’s blending skills are on full display, making use of a unique blend that forgoes ligero—a tobacco priming typically incorporated for flavor and strength. Instead, lower primings (seco and viso) from a particularly robust harvest were used exclusively throughout the blend. This blend style has the potential for great complexity, but risks a danger of blandness. Luckily for the enthusiast, Fume D’Amour was a resounding success, offering a classic and Cubanesque character, with a pleasing aroma and refined flavors of graham crackers, Christmas-like spices, caramel, sweet nuts, and light-roast coffee beans. The Lagunas size is a godsend for the connoisseur, arriving in 50-count boxes, making for the perfect everyday companion.

    • Price: $7.10
    • Packaging: 50-ct box
    • Size: 4¼” x 42
    • Smoke time: 42 mins
  18. Davidoff Aniversario Entreacto

    Entreacto is named for the short intervals of time between acts of a theatrical performance—in other words, the intermission, interlude, or break. A fitting title, because this is quite possibly the most sophisticated smoking experience in a sub-four-inch format available. Davidoff Aniversario Entreacto uses a host of Dominican tobaccos in the filler (including a hybrid Corojo leaf not seen in many Davidoff cigars), an Ecuadorian hybrid binder (Connecticut/Habano), and an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The profile is a notch fuller than the cigar’s Grand Cru sibling, having a more dense profile of leather, almonds, cabinet spices, and a bright, almost champagne-like character.

    • Price: $9.80
    • Packaging: 4-ct paper box | 20-ct box
    • Size: 3½” x 43
    • Smoke time: 28 mins
  19. Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Principe Maduro

    For many enthusiasts, this is the cigar that proved to be the “gateway drug” into the underworld of premium/craft cigars. Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Principe is the smallest size in the collection—i.e. the only ultra-premium in most walk-in humidors that remotely resembles something the casual smoker would consider affordable. At nearly $12, it’s still a bit of a stretch, but even the novice smoker has heard tales of the 1964’s greatness, and is willing to shell out the extra cash in order to “take the red pill,” if you will. The 1964 Anniversary Series Principe could nearly top the list in either the Natural or Maduro varieties, but we feel the Maduro provides a bit more punch and sweetness to be appreciated in the short smoking time. The cigars perform quite similarly to their larger siblings, showing a medium/full strength and FULL flavors of chocolate, mocha, brownie batter, rich nuts, black pepper, and aged tobacco.

    • Price: $11.64
    • Packaging: 25-ct box
    • Size: 4½” x 46
    • Smoke time: 65 mins
  20. Fuente Fuente OpusX Perfecxion No.5

    Fuente Fuente OpusX Perfecxion No.5 petit corona

    Despite being the most expensive cigar on the list, the Fuente Fuente OpusX Perfecxion No.5 provides a less extravagant smoking cost (25¢ per minute) when compared to some of the other ultra-premiums. This is due to the cigar’s stellar construction, providing a healthy smoking time for the cigar’s small size. Compared to the previous cigar on our list, OpusX has always been a bit harder to come across. This is due to the small-batch production employed by Carlos “Carlito” Fuente, Jr. and the legendary Fuente family. While all OpusX are limited in production, the petit-sized Perfecxion No.5 is among the least common you will come across in the wild. Unfortunately, this can cause prices to become a bit more unpredictable, often ranging wildly from $10 to $22 (or more). However, the cigars are worth every penny (so long as you don’t stray too far from the MSRP), providing a unique and unmistakably “Fuente” profile. Expect a near-full strength, full body, and full flavors of cinnamon, maple syrup, rich coffee, red pepper, leather, and oak wood.

    • Price: $14.00
    • Packaging: 42-ct box
    • Size: 4⅞” x 40
    • Smoke time: 60 mins
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