UPDATE: As you may or may not know Happy won his green jacket and saved grandma’s house from Shooter McGavin. But what you probably don’t know is that Kevin Acuff won a $50 gift certificate from Neptune Cigars for playing along with us for another successful Cigar and a Movie night.

Only one year after Billy Madison—Adam Sandler’s first breakout role—audiences were treated to the greatness that is Happy Gilmore in 1996. Together, these two comedies laid the groundwork for decades of Sandler comedies to follow, and are unquestionably his best work… the man named his production company Happy Madison Productions, for crying out loud!

Sure, Sandler’s films have gone slowly downhill ever since (let’s not talk about his recent Netflix stuff please), but at least we’ll always have Happy Gilmore—an all-time top-5 comedy (at least in the Dojo staff’s opinion, for what it’s worth…).

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PRIZES!!! There will be prizes for the best #cigarandamovie post on the Dojo during the event. Neptune Cigars is providing $50 gift certificates so make sure to participate and show how you enjoy Cigar and a Movie.

We hope you’ll join us in a special Cigar and a Movie screening this Sunday!

Comedy, Sport, Romance
1h, 32min

Official hashtag: #cigarandamovie

Cigar and a Movie featuring Happy Gilmore is scheduled for Sunday, April 29th at 7PM EST (4PM Pacific).

Our movie coincides with the Dojo’s annual Cigarbecue 2018 event

How to Participate

  1. Grab yourself a copy of Happy Gilmore. This can be a physical copy (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS…), online rental, or streaming.
  2. Grab a cigar, a drink, and a snack that you think will pair well for this movie. HINT: we recommend hockey sweaters or flannel shirts, Subway sandwiches, and a Joe-6-pack-style cigar—Espinosa Habano is a good start.
  3. IMPORTANT: Start your movie any time before 7pm (EST) and get it paused on this frame. This will allow thousands of Dojo members worldwide to be in sync during the film. Pretty cool, eh?
    Universal Studios opening credits 1990s
  4. At 7pm (EST), we will send a push notification to press play. We will also post this on the Dojo timeline. If you do not see our post or push notification, just get your movie going at 7pm (EST).
  5. Post on the Cigar Dojo app and use #cigarandamovie with your movie/cigar-related shenanigans. Our favorite posts will receive cigar prizes.

Where to find Happy Gilmore

If you don’t already have a copy, Happy Gilmore can be found online in various formats.

None available

$2.99 (SD) | $3.99 (HD)

Happy Gilmore swing technique

Photo Credit: David O’Keefe

Cigar and a Movie Prizes

As always, prizes will be awarded to users who join the fun and post with #cigarAndAMovie

As stated at the top of the article, there will be prizes for the best #cigarandamovie post on the Dojo during the event. Neptune Cigars is providing $50 gift certificates so make sure to participate and show how you enjoy Cigar and a Movie.

We will be hosting a new movie night each month – stay tuned!
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