Basel/Switzerland, June 2017. Davidoff is delighted to announce the unprecedented release of a very special selection of six unique blends, crafted by Davidoff’s head Master Blender, Eladio Diaz, to celebrate his own birthdays.

For the first time, Davidoff is making a limited number of these very personal cigars available.

These Master Selection Series cigars have been crafted by our Head Master Blender, Eladio Diaz, to satisfy the most demanding cigar aficionado in the world – himself. His agreement to release a few of these six very personal and delightful blends that he has been creating to mark his very own birthdays is a treat for Davidoff. These are simply the finest cigars, worthy of the most special of occasions: time superbly filled for those who have the chance and privilege to taste these cigars.Charles Awad, Senior Vice President – Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff AG


Davidoff Master Selection Series cigars


Blended with Nicaraguan tobaccos and a “Habano” Ecuador wrapper – The Series 2013

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This cigar is a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos: Estelí and Condega Visus, Piloto Visus, Piloto Seco and San Vicente Mejorado Visus in a Nicaragua binder with a “Habano” Ecuador wrapper from Ecuador. This beautiful cigar is intense with a strong, rich aftertaste. Spicy pepper flavours give way to sweet, creamy oak wood notes in the second third.

Strength: 3.5 out of 5

Blended with aged Dominican tobaccos and a Mexican binder – The Series 2010

The cigar is a blend of ten-year-old Dominican filler tobaccos Piloto Ligero, San Vicente Ligero and San Vicente Visus, combined with a Semilla A Seco and Estelí Visus from Nicaragua. It comes in a Dominican wrapper with a Negro San Andrés binder from Mexico. It’s the blend of ten-year-old tobaccos in combination with the Nicaraguan filler tobaccos that gives this cigar its cut wood flavour and a distinct sweetness that lingers on the lips, making this a delightfully pleasant cigar.

Strength: 3 out of 5

Blended with Dominican tobaccos and a “Habano” Ecuador wrapper – The Series 2007

The cigar is a blend of Dominican tobaccos: San Vicente Ligero, Piloto Seco, Hybrid Corojo/Olor Ligero and San Vicente Mejorado Visus bound in a Hybrid Olor/Piloto with a “Habano” Ecuador wrapper from Ecuador. Pepper and ginger flavours combine with oak wood to give this cigar its unique taste.

Strength: 3 out of 5

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A mixture of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos – The Series 2016

The cigar is a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos: Estelí and Condega Visus, Piloto Visus, San Vicente Mejorado Visus and Piloto Mejorado Visus bound in San Vicente Mejorado and a Dominican wrapper. The sweet creaminess that this blend produces gives this cigar its delicious, exciting taste.

Strength: 3 out of 5

Blended with Nicaraguan tobaccos, a “Habano” Ecuador wrapper and Mexican binder – The Series 2011

The cigar is a blend of Nicaraguan Estelí Ligero, Semilla A Visus, San Vicente Ligero and San Vicente Mejorado Visus, and Piloto Volado. The binder is Negro San Andrés from Mexico, and the wrapper a “Habano” Ecuador from Ecuador. This striking, daring blend makes this cigar particularly fun to enjoy, with its pronounced stimulation at the back of the palate. It’s also sweet, with a clean aftertaste.

Strength: 3.5 out of 5

Blends from Nicaragua, Ecuador and Mexico in one Edition – The Series 2008

The cigar is a blend of A-Estelí Visus, Piloto Mejorado Ligero, SV Mejorado Ligero, Piloto Mejorado Visus and Piloto Visus bound in a Negro San Andrés binder with a “Habano” Ecuador wrapper. This blend produces a strong, robust and aromatic cigar. Pepper and spice notes combined with honey sweetness give it a powerful flavour.

Strength: 4 out of 5

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The cigars come in a Toro format: 52 RG x 6’’/ 2.1 x 15.2 cm The Master Selection Series come in elegantly simple, rustic, cabinet boxes of ten, with a ‘Master Selection’ stamp. Each box carries a sticker with its own number and the blend creation year. Eladio’s signature appears on the ring and the box. The year of creation is also on the ring. In Europe, Asia and Global Travel Retail, cigars that are not wrapped in cellophane are presented in bundles held by a wide gold band.


In the USA, the first Master Selection Series 2013 and 2016 will be available for wider release at select Appointed Merchants and Flagship Stores in June. All other series will be launched in August and September, 2017.

Outside the US, the Master Selection Series 2010 and the three Flagship Store exclusives will be launched globally starting in July, 2017.

The Series 2013 and 2007 will be available in Switzerland exclusively, in very limited quantities at Davidoff Appointed Merchants. The introduction of the Series 2013 is set for July.

MSRP per cigar: $35.00 USD


With one of the finest palates in the world, he is the Davidoff Master Blender and the creator of the most famous Davidoff blends. Having worked with tobacco from an early age, he is passionate about cigars and has developed an unsurpassed expertise that is widely acclaimed in the cigar world. No one could summarise his achievements and success in life better than Eladio himself—

As a young boy, I had great dreams but small gifts. Later in my career, I created my own favourite cigars to celebrate every year of what is my life and passion today.Eladio Diaz, Davidoff Master Blender

Eladio Diaz Davidoff Master Blender

© Oettinger Davidoff AG 2016

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