Nat Sherman, tobacconist to the world since 1930, has moved its corporate office to Englewood, N.J. The move marks a special homecoming for the iconic brand, which in the 1970s maintained both Manufacturing and the Corporate offices in Englewood. Most recently the Nat Sherman corporate offices had been located in Fort Lee, NJ.

The new office will house the Nat Sherman marketing, accounting and sales departments, along with the executive team.

“We’re very pleased to be moving back to Englewood, a place that feels like home to not only the Nat Sherman company, but to our family,” said Larry Sherman, Executive Vice President of Nat Sherman. “The move provides us with a bigger and brighter space that fosters greater collaboration and gives us the room to continue to grow our business, while also offering a convenient commute between our offices and the Nat Sherman Townhouse, located on 42nd Street, just off Fifth Avenue in New York City. We’re excited about this move and are looking forward to a prosperous future in our new home.”

The new Nat Sherman Corporate Headquarters is located at 10 Sterling Blvd., Englewood, NJ 07631.

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