You get home from work, you kick off your shoes, and you light up your perfectly aged Fuente for an evening of relaxation. But where are you doing this? On your back porch? In your garage?

How about in your own, beautiful, basement man cave?

Rob McKeon, one of the co-founders of Cigar Zen, looked at his humidor one day and thought, “I’m going to build a room around this.” Sure enough, a planned home renovation gave him the opportunity, and with the blessing of his awesome wife, he created a 200-square-foot, glass-enclosed and fully-ventilated man cave dedicated to cigar smoking.

Rob’s room is warm and inviting, with earthy, cigar-inspired tones and lots of natural light. Authentic cigar sizing charts, straight from Cuba, adorn the walls; along with other classics including a Winston Churchill portrait. A great Churchill quote can be found on one of Rob’s ashtrays – “Meet success like a gentleman; disaster like a man.”

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Rob’s inspiration for his man cave design came from what he loves most in a smoking experience – smooth flavors and bold aromas, relaxation, and a glass of scotch. Indulgences most-every cigar hobbyist shares –  but it’s the enjoyment of these finer things from one’s own home that adds a whole new dimension.

If you’re thinking of building your own cigar-smoking man cave, think first about what it is you like most about your cigars. Is it the relaxation of enjoying that perfect smoke after a long week? Or do you prefer more of a social smoking experience, partying with your friends? Ultimately, the best man cave is the one that is designed to reflect your individual interest and personality.

Man (or Woman) Cave Shopping List

Home cigar lounge coffee table setup

If you’re going for a gentlemanly look like Rob’s, here’s where you can pick up the must-have items similar to what Rob has in his setup.

  • Leather Chairs
    Rob’s chairs are from Cornerstone Furniture in Cambridge, Ontario. But if that’s too much of a hike for you, check out this 2-Piece Antonio set from Target.
  • Coffee Table
    The coffee table in Rob’s room is rustic and reminiscent of what you might see in a Cuban cigar shop. Take a look at this Morgan Coffee Table on Wayfair.
  • Artwork
    What’s a cigar room without some Churchill? has some great pictures that you can hang up in a classic Ikea frame.
  • Bar Setup
    Believe it or not, Rob’s entire bar setup is from Ikea – cabinets, lighting, countertop, and accessories.
  • Air Quality
    What sets a regular man cave apart from a cigar lover’s man cave is the ability to smoke on sight. One of the most important aspects, therefore, is keeping a fresh environment for yourself.

  • Your Cigars’ Environment
    Of course, you don’t only need a fresh environment for yourself, but for your cigars as well.

    • Humidity, temperature, cleanliness, and consistency are among the cigar hobbyist’s primary concerns. Cigar Dojo delves into humidor maintenance in further detail with articles such as Aging Cigars to Perfection, How to Season a Humidor, and How to use Humidity Beads.
    • The new BLÜME smart cigar humidifier has the refined look and feel to match the optimal cigar lounge environment, and comes in a couple different finishes to match your style. Check it out for pre-order on Indiegogo.
    • What’s humidification without the humidor itself? The Thompson Cigar Venetian Cherry 125 Count is a good option if you’re looking for a humidor with a luxurious appearance at a reasonable price.
BLÜME by Cigar Zen humidification system

Smartphone-controlled BLÜME humidification system

Feeling inspired? If you’re thinking of starting up or sprucing up your own man cave, take these must-haves as a base but remember to keep your ideal smoking experience in mind while you’re shopping around. Throw in a beer fridge, a flag, a sofa, anything that will make you comfortable and your man cave the go-to for those after-dinner smokes with friends.

Do you have a sweet man cave/smoking room of your own, or have you pulled some inspiration from Rob’s? Let Cigar Dojo and Cigar Zen know by commenting below.

Article by: Cigar Zen

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