Döttling is a German safe manufacturer that has operated out of the Sindelfingen region since 1919. The brand compares themselves to the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche—which also hail from the same town in Germany—using elaborate craftsmanship to bring luxury safes to connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the finest “locksmith artisanry”.

Today the brand introduced their first standalone desktop humidor—the Döttling Tabletop Humidor. The humidor is not intended to borrow security measures from the brand’s safes, rather focusing on “The finest materials, top workmanship and an exceptional passion for details.”

The humidor features a glass top, slide-out drawer, and elaborate finishing touches that range from LED lighting, to a brushed stainless steel barometer (along with thermometer and hygrometer), to a unique finish of high-quality calfskin.

Döttling Tabletop Humidor uses four removable trays to store up to 50 cigars.

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And with ultra-premium materials and construction comes a price to match—customers can expect to pay €12,000, or roughly $13,000 US.

Döttling sells directly from their German headquarters, as well as select representatives around the world.

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