The Corto is the sixth regular release line from Warped, showcased at the 2015 IPCPR show, along with the Futuro and Don Reynaldo Regalos. Translating to “short”, the Corto is indeed the shortest and said to be fullest bodied Warped blend to date.

Brand owner Kyle Gellis has stated that he will introduce a new size to Corto each year, and subsequently retire the previous year’s vitola. 2015’s vitola is a petit robusto coming in at 4½ x 50 with a Cuban style soft box-press shape.

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Warped Corto X50 Breakdown

  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo ’99
  • Binder: Nicaraguan Criollo ’98
  • Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo ’99
  • Factory: Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. (Nicaragua)
  • Production: Regular Production / Limited (new size each year)
  • Vitola: 4½″ × 50 petit robusto “X50” 
  • Price: $8.65 (MSRP)

On the surface, the Corto is simply a fantastic looking cigar. In my opinion, one of the best (if not the best) looking cigars I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. Corto sports a stylish looking blue band, with white and blue artwork ornately dancing around the delicious Corto name. Like all of Warped’s cigars, the Corto is masterfully rolled with exquisite looking (and tasting) tobacco. The wrapper is bright and slightly oily, with an even, soft pack and a slight box press.

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Smoking Experience

As good as the Corto may look, you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Luckily for me (and the rest of the world) the Corto smokes even better! Right out of the gate, the cigar bursts forth with flavor, putting my senses at maximum capacity. It took me a few minutes to take in everything this cigar was throwing at me, and that’s not a bad thing. The first few minutes were a powerhouse of flavor and strength, showcasing some pepper, a little spice, a deep, raw tobacco, a strong leather-like flavor, and a little bit of milk chocolate. Yum!

It’s important to note as well, the Corto has flawless construction. I’ve smoked a dozen of these, and every single one had the same exact draw and burn as the last—a truly impressive feat. The draw is great, perhaps a little too loose, but controllable. The burn isn’t the best, per se, but I have never had to touch it up more than once, and usually not at all, if I am paying attention to it.

Warped Corto X50 cigar ash

Smoking through the first inch of the cigar is my favorite part. The smoke is cool, the flavors are intense, and the cigar is simply beautiful. About an inch down, the bouquet of hearty flavors transitions just a little, giving the sweet side a little edge on the palate. More milk chocolate on the front end of things, with a solid punch of pepper, leather, and cedar trees swaying gently along the finish.

Halfway through, the cigar brings about a darker sense of flavors, eliminating a lot of the more sweet flavors. While the milk chocolate and leather notes still remain, they are drowned out by the heavy hitters—deep black pepper, earth, a touch of spice, and a lingering anise through the retro-hale. The construction is always where I expect it to be—great, but not quite perfect. The draw is very enjoyable, albeit a tad loose—while the burn line wavers every now and then. The ash, however, holds on nicely with little flaking. I like to end my Cortos right at the inch mark—any further gets a little harsh. But with an hour-plus smoke time, that’s a minor complaint.

Warped Corto X50 cigar review

Would I smoke this again?

Absolutely, and I have! Several times in fact. This easily ranks among my top go-to smokes at the moment. I highly recommend giving this and any Warped cigars a try—I’d recommend a box split or box purchase on this one—you won’t be disappointed!

Warped Corto X50 cigar review and rating

Warped Corto X50
Kyle Gellis is a true ‘Wizard of Tobacco’. I’m not sure what that means, but that should be his title. This man knows how to produce a product for the craft smoker, and he isn’t slowing down. Some may (and have) argued that he has released too many blends too quickly for such a young brand, but I wholeheartedly disagree. All of his blends are superb, and deserve a place on the Warped mantle—and a place in your humidor. Each one is unique and offers something for everyone, and I would post them up against any other brand in the industry.
  • Top notch construction
  • Exquisite flavor profile
  • Great smoke output
  • First-third overwhelms sometimes
  • Can get harsh near end
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