Springfield, VA (April 18, 2016) – After a several delays, selected Fratello Cigars retailers should expect the receipt of the Fratello Branded Tray beginning this May. With a slight change on its design, the Fratello Tray will not come with the secret compartment as suggested in a prior company’s release.

“After revisions with the design team, we decided to not to include the secret compartment so that the tray would fit most retailer shelves.” This tray combines the power of engineering with functionality and style. Cutting the total Fratello shelve space by 30% while increasing our cigar output by 10% was one of our main goals”. – said de Frias.

Introduced last year, Fratello limited the production to 125 trays. The Tray was offered to retailers who placed orders at the IPCPR in 2015. With a capacity to hold 200 cigars and 10 modular divisions, the Tray has the flexibility to display and adjust the complete Fratello line.

About Fratello – Launched in 2013 Fratello, the Italian word for “brother”, is a line created by Omar de Frias out of the Dominican Republic. The inspiration for the company came 20 years ago when Omar watched a torcedor (cigar roller) working on his art in the Dominican; when the torcedor finished the cigar he was rolling, he handed it to Omar and said “Kid, welcome to the true gentleman’s club”.

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