2015 Dojo Members Hall of Fame Inductees


moose77 Cigar Dojo Hall of Fame member 2015

Spectators often gaze in wonderment at the nightly selections of the great moose! We’re not kidding, literally, ever night, moose will create some of the most amazing cigar and craft beer pairings known to man… Most would be so lucky to obtain just the cigar OR beer—but alas, moose77 combines these rarities as if it were his job. Hey, someone’s gotta do it!

Of course, moose doesn’t keep it all to himself, it’s his generosity that brings him up to the prestigious HOF status.

  • Location: Oklahoma
  • Cigar Dojo member since: June 23, 2014
  • Post count at HOF admittance: 9,208

Chris Flood

Chris Flood Cigar Dojo Hall of Fame member 2015

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  • Atlantic Cigar Sale
  • Perdomo Cigars
  • Neptune Cigars
  • Cigar of the month club
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  • Pappy Van Winkle Cigar

While he may be the newest member on the list, there’s no denying Chris’ status as a HOF member. Chris likes to keep things light and has become known as the “class clown” of the Dojo, creating hilariously photoshopped pics on a daily basis—usually including fellow Dojo members and the current pop culture buzz.

Where Chris really gets going is the Dojo weekly contests, creating one classic entry after the next (literally, too many to count)! And while he’s won his fair share of prizes, Chris doesn’t do it for the fame, it’s about having a good time, as well as bringing in new members through his equally-entertaining social media presence.

  • Location: Warwick, NY
  • Cigar Dojo member since: July 2, 2014
  • Post count at HOF admittance: 4,565

Donald S.

Donald S. Cigar Dojo Hall of Fame member 2015

Speaking of class clowns… Donald S. is the Ren to Chris’ Stimpy, the Beavis to his Butt-head, the Laverne to his Shirley… okay, this is getting weird. On the same par with Chris Flood in the ring of Dojo photoshop-debauchery, Donald has been known to throw the Dojo crew into laugh-attacks lasting much longer than they probably should. We even considered adding a new HOF category for “Post of the Year” due to a ridiculous contest entry involving Bob Ross (that’s all we’ll say…).

Donald gets involved with the community as well, being a member of the Seasoned Samurai, as well as making long treks to join Dojo HERFs—such as the 2015 DOJO BASH in New Orleans and the Cigar Dojo Cigar Safari in Estelí, Nicaragua.

  • Location: Riverview, FL
  • Cigar Dojo member since: Oct. 31, 2013
  • Post count at HOF admittance: 9,569


ajanes Cigar Dojo Hall of Fame member 2015

Ajanes is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Just don’t be surprised if you walk right by him unknowingly. You’ll be hard-pressed to ever see a picture of Mr. Janes, and considering his gentle demeanor, you certainly won’t expect him to be the size of a UFC fighter! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Ajanes now holds the record for highest post count at admittance from a HOF member (possibly any member, period!). This God-fearing man is quick to offer up prayers for any Dojo member in need, and is one of the most helpful, positive members on the Dojo app.

  • Location: Theodore, AL
  • Cigar Dojo member since: Sep. 19, 2013
  • Post count at HOF admittance: 19,070


c10cko Cigar Dojo Hall of Fame member 2015

After 3+ years of Dojo madness, it’s a rare sight to see an inductee from those days of yore. On top of that, it’s an even more rare sight to induct a member from across the pond (a first for Cigar Dojo, actually), but alas, c10cko has earned every bit of HOF glory!

In case you’re new to the game, it’s pronounced “clock-oh”, and yes, the dude is into luxury timepieces. But more than that, Craig (shh, don’t tell him we revealed his name) is into Cigar Dojo! In fact, he’s largely responsible for the rise in Dojo members in the England area. To top it all off, Craig’s made the trip to the US on 2 (soon to be 3) occasions to attend Cigar Dojo parties—on his wedding anniversaries, no less (Craig’s wife Ross deserves some serious recognition as well).

  • Location: Hampshire, UK
  • Cigar Dojo member since: Dec. 21, 2012
  • Post count at HOF admittance: 1,001


ArmyRN Diana Cigar Dojo Hall of Fame member 2015

Speaking of “firsts”, we’d like to welcome the first-ever female into the Dojo Hall of Fame! As her name suggests, Diana is indeed a registered nurse for the US Army (thank you for your service!), she is also an incredibly supportive and consistent Dojo member.

Diana has been known to get in on the cigar contest game, making some of the goofiest posts you’ll find. She’s sort of like the figurative “Dojo mom”, baking us virtual oatmeal cookies and making the Dojo one big, happy family. We also have to note she has some serious dedication, making the trip to Estelí, Nicaragua for the Cigar Dojo Cigar Safari.

  • Location: Vineland, NJ
  • Cigar Dojo member since: Aug. 15, 2013
  • Post count at HOF admittance: 3,602


Bradfromtampa Cigar Dojo Hall of Fame member 2015Bradfromtampa may have the most straight forward moniker you’ll ever find. From the moment you first come in contact with this stand-up Floridian, you already know 2 things: his name is Brad, and he’s from Tampa! Okay, so we’re off to a great start, but you’ll soon realize Brad is an expert in all things punk rock (playing in a fairly successful Tampa-based band), and knows a thing or two about premium, boutique coffee as well. Brad has become a Dojo staple since joining in 2013, racking up one of the highest post-per-day (yes, that’s a legit stat, we love a good “PPD” ratio…) counts of any member, at a whopping 19 PPD!

B-Tamps, as he is colloquially known by the Dojo crew, is a master of the HERF, organizing Dojo meet-ups in the Tampa area, designed to “crash” manufacturers events with an overwhelming Dojo attendance. He has made the venture to New Orleans for the DOJO BASH 2015 and will also be attending the 2015 Cigar Dojo Cigar Safari in Estelí, Nicaragua.

  • Location: Tampa Bay, FL
  • Cigar Dojo member since: Nov. 26, 2013
  • Post count at HOF admittance: 13,261

2015 Cigar Dojo Hall of Fame Group of the Year

Seasoned Samurai

Cigar Dojo Seasoned Samurais 2015 Group of the YearThey’re one of the newest sub-groups on the Dojo, but they’re also among the most consistent! The Seasoned Samurai are made up of “seasoned” (read: old) gentlemen that appreciate the more refined qualities of cigar smoking, or any indulgences in life, rather.

The current member count is approximately 20, with members located across the globe. With arguably the highest count of “overseas” members, you’ll often find these Samurai enjoying the forbidden fruits of some of the finest Cuban cigars in existence. Consequently, the American members benefit from this nice little perk from time to time…

The Seasoned Samurai are among the most respectful and accommodating Dojo groups—if the Dojo were a church (far from it…), they’d be the deacons (that’s a terrible analogy, but we had fun with it).

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Sub-group creation date: Nov. 22, 2014
  • Lords of England
  • Cigar Wars cigar ratings
  • Casa Cuevas Cigars

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