Cigar Dojo is not just a cigar app. Cigar Dojo is a tight-knit community, and it’s that community that makes the Dojo such a great place to hang out. Each and every year, Cigar Dojo will induct new members into the Cigar Dojo Members Hall of Fame and they will be inshrined forever – right here on this page. Members are picked to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for a variety of reasons, with an emphasis on those that support the Dojo (not in any financial way) through friendship and fellowship. It’s given to those that are above the drama, representing a positive influence for the Dojo community.

2019 Dojo Members Hall of Fame Inductees

ElLechero and Suicide Blonde

Kevin and Karen Hughes the couple that everybody are friends with. And for good reason because these are two of the nicest folks on any side of the Mississippi River. But Kevin and Karen are more than that, they are also pretty darn good cigar photographers and have been treating Dojonation to their art on a daily basis for years.

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Stogie Chas

Chas? Or is it the Godfather?? Either way Chas has been a loyal Dojo member since 2015 and is quick to help promote the Dojo on other social media platforms. Chas has also been to several Dojo events including traveling to Nicaragua with the team. Chas is like your favorite uncle that you aren’t sure if he’s gonna give you a hug or have you whacked and that’s why we love him.

Kevin Acuff

Some Dojo members represent pure loyalty and Kevin is one of those guys. Not only is Kevin a consistent Dojo poster but he is also instrumental in helping us each year with the Dojo BASH in Las Vegas. Kevin’s behind the scenes help and loyal Dojo presence earns him a spot in the hall of Fame. Kevin is the kind of guy that would not only give you the shirt off his back, he would give you the shirt off someone else’s back.

John Parker

The Hotel tycoon. One might think that John Parker made the Hall of Fame simply due to his ability to help the Dojo crew get good Hotel deals but that would paint only a small picture of why John is now in the Hall. John has always been quick to order every Dojo release to support the community and has traveled far just to visit with the Dojo crew. Not only that but John shares his vast travel cigar experiences on the Dojo app which allow us to live vicariously through his posts.

Señor Cigar

Kevin Bristow brightens our day on the Dojo. What would a day on the Dojo be without seeing Kevin’s happy face on the Dojo App? Don’t let Kevin’s current join date fool you he has been on the Dojo for a VERY long time posting every day and making the community a better place.


Marllo a quiet guy with a HUGE impact on the Dojo. Marllo has been extremely generous behind the scenes showing up to Dojo events with incredible Dojo gear to hand out to those that made the event just out of the kindness of his heart. No group of smokers looked cooler than the Dojonation at last year’s La Zona Palooza and that was thanks to Marllo!

Tampa Dojoer

Bob MacDonald might be the most supportive member of Dojonation in the history of the Dojo. Bob is a no nonsense kind of guy and has always been a tireless Dojonation promoter persuading all kinds of folks into joining our fabulous community. Moreover Bob posts on the Dojo app every single day without fail and that’s why Bob is now in the hall of Fame.


Jeff Todd… a man among men. While it’s true Jeff has no filter that’s also one of the reasons we love him so much. Jeff is like the dad to the entire Dojo crew, always looking out for us making sure we are safe and getting us from point A to point B in his bitchin’ smoking wagon. Without question the Cigar Dojo would not be what it is today without Jeff.

Cigar Cop 

Possibly the funniest human I have ever met. Barry Driscol with his thick Boston accent has had the Dojo crew literally in tears on several occasions during trips such as Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival and our trip to PA for the Protocol Night Stick. Barry keeps Dojonation rocking with his consistent #nowplaying posts yet Barry makes it into the Hall of Fame because the Dojo just wouldn’t be the same without his nightly posts from his dog house. Barry is the glue that really makes the Dojo community the best cigar community on earth.

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