Cigar Dojo is no stranger to the Warped Cigars lineup. In fact, we’ve reviewed nearly every Warped cigar—all scoring 90 points or above. This is due, in part, to the popularity of their cigars throughout the Dojo app; which saw a seemingly instantaneous boost after the brand’s entrance to the market in 2014.

For the most part, Warped has focused its efforts on building a solid base of core-line cigars, only releasing a few limiteds—mostly consisting of alternate size variations, etc. of core cigars. This brings us to the original Don Reynaldo release from December, 2014. Made at the famed El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami, the cigars were Warped’s first fully limited edition blend, with only 100 boxes of 10 cigars being rolled. Created in honor of brand owner Kyle Gellis’ father, the ultra-limited cigars quickly became one of the hottest attractions for collectors.

Much to the surprise (and approval) of those that were lucky enough to try the original cigar, Don Reynaldo was on display at the Warped booth for this year’s 2015 IPCPR show in New Orleans. Modified from the original “Corona De Luxe” (5½ x 42) vitola, the new “Regalos” measures 5 x 46. And, just as the cigars were inspired from Kyle’s father, he was also responsible for the welcomed return—Kyle mentioned at IPCPR that when his father learned of the cigar’s popularity, he responded that people should have full access to smoke the cigars they enjoy. This only reaffirmed Kyle’s focus towards building his core products and the Don Reynaldo is now a regular production cigar, rolled in small batches at ETDB.

Don Reynaldo Regalos Breakdown

  • Wrapper: Dominican Corojo
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Dominican | Nicaraguan
  • Factory: El Titan de Bronze (Miami, USA)
  • Production: Small Batch / Regular Production
  • Vitola: 5″ × 46 “Regalos” Corona
  • Price: $15.00

Don Reynaldo showcases a very ornate, traditional looking band—a very similar stye to their Flor Del Valle cigar (I didn’t even realize they were different cigars the first time I saw the DR). Describing the cigar as Cubanesque is an understatement (and not just in appearance). The construction is near-perfect, with all the bells & whistles—such as a gorgeous triple cap, neat seams, faint veins, and a very sturdy, springy exterior. The wrapper has a light, caramel-brown hue with a hazy, dusty coating.

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There is almost no aroma from the wrapper—a faint coffee, hay, and vegetation can be found. The pre-light draw has a medium-firm resistance with notes of zesty black pepper.

Smoking Experience

The smoke is light to start, there isn’t a quick blast of ligero spice that seams to kickoff so many cigars these days. It is, however, instantly apparent the smoke is complex—and though I can’t quite put my finger on everything it’s offering, I taste rich coffee, citrus, and nougat on the finish. The smoke is thin and offers a medium volume on each draw—while it seems to emit a slow, silky stream of continuously flowing smoke as the cigar rests.

As previously mentioned, Don Reynaldo is very Cubanesque, about as Cubanesque a cigar you will find. And here’s a sneak peek to my final conclusion—it’s better than most Cubans you will find… Incredibly refined flavors of butter, cream, coffee, aged tobacco, and vanilla are shown through each draw of medium-light-bodied smoke. The retrohale interestingly lacks the usual spice, but instead shows a good amount of salted nuts and peanut shells.

Warped Don Reynaldo Regalos cigar review

The smoke is thin and inhalable—which, isn’t typically recommended, though should be occasionally experienced on fine cigars of this caliber for an added complexity and appreciation of all the smoke has to offer. The smoke texture is dry, and not in a negative way—similar to a Chardonnay or Highland scotch, compared against the sweet, mouthwatering feel of bourbon whiskey. The burn is fairly wavy throughout, often self-correcting itself, but requiring multiple touchups nonetheless. The ash is very flakey and holds on in 1″ chucks, often scattering your legs with ash flakes before the full chunk falls. Of course, these are small grievances to pay for such flavor!

The sophisticated profile continues, with rich, aged tobacco notes, caramel, and the occasional burst of citrus. The aroma is very nice as well, smelling the lingering smoke from the cigar’s head will give long-lasting notes of vanilla. The best way sum up the complex range of flavors here may be dessert-like—namely, Bananas Foster. Nearing the end, the vanilla quality is intensified, which I’m calling Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato (maybe I’m reaching here, but I actually tried the dessert recently and the likeness was certainly there).

Warped Don Reynaldo Regalos corona cigar review

Would I smoke this cigar again?

I cannot think of a cigar I’d rather have at the moment. An incredibly flavorful, refined smoke pours from this cigar from beginning to end. It progresses, slowly evolving throughout, though never feeling erratic or disoriented—and even at the cigar’s nub, it never verged into the harsh territory (I almost never nub cigars, but this is “nub worthy”). If Warped and ETDB can keep a consistency with this cigar (and I have faith they can), this is a product I will be buying multiple boxes for years to come. The only question left is how these will age, which may be easier said than done—we’ll see if I can keep my hands off these smokes for more than a few weeks…

Warped Don Reynaldo Regalos cigar review and rating

Don Reynaldo Regalos
When rating the best movies, beer, music, or bourbon, there's always a hesitancy to officially move one to the top spot. This is the way I felt with this cigar, but with careful consideration, I fully believe this smoke deserves such a rare, high score. The refined, complex, sophisticated flavors of Don Reynaldo Regalos were not only as good as any Cuban I've tried, but better than any cigar I can think of currently—especially compared against cigars of similar age. Sure, this might not defeat the most premium, 20-year-aged Cuban cigar—no, that's an experiment for the next 10-20 years...
  • Fantastic, refined flavors
  • Seemingly endless complexities
  • Smooth & inhalable smoke
  • Multiple touchups
96%Absurdly Flavorful
  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
  • Cigar Wars
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