(Announcer Voice): Ladies and Gentlemen, the battle you have all been waiting for, brought to you by Viaje Cigars.
Are you ready for the The Rumble in the Bundle…
The brawl of them all…
A cigar match that will make the Pacman vs. Mayweather fight look like a cheerleading competition.

“Well folks, these two heavy weights weighed in at a stellar 5.5″ x 52 vitola. Both cigars have two completely different and contrary fighting styles that represent each unique character of their respective cigar communities. Cigar lovers have been waiting for this Throw Down ever since it was announced. Both communities have been friendly and displayed great sportsmanship; however, we know deep down inside that each community is pulling for its own contender.”

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Ding! Ding! Ding! Lets get ready to THRRROOOOOOOW DOWN!

Throw Down Cigars 10-count bundle

Standing in the red corner, wearing red and tan trunks all the way from Colorado… the Cigar DOJOOOOOOOOOO! Featuring a spectacular deep-rich natural shade Criollo ’98 wrapper.

And in the blue corner, wearing black and white trunks from the big ol’ state of Texas… the Cigar FEDERATIOOOOOON! Featuring a meaty Mexican San Andrés wrapper.

Referee: Dojo Nation… Cig Fed… all right Gents, let’s keep this a clean fight.

Round 1

Dojo Nation’s cold draw has a sweet and subtle caramel sweetness. Once fired up, you will get a rich oak wood and natural tobacco notes that hit your palate like a speed bag. The oak notes really give this cigar some body from the jump and the natural tobacco really adds some finesse, making for a nice one-two punch to your palate. All of a sudden, here comes a complimentary earthy and subtle nutty notes to the Dojo Nation’s repertoire.

Retro Notes: Heavy mineral and mild coffee notes.

Cig Fed’s cold draw displayed some raw earthiness with dark chocolate richness. When the bell rung, the Cig Fed came out with some powerful jabs of decadent, deep chocolate notes with a hint of palate-friendly black pepper. After a little bobbing and weaving, the Cig Fed blend re-introduced some of that raw earthiness from the cold draw and just when you thought you had this stick figured out, he throws a precision volley of right and left hooks – featuring dark fruit that lands right on your kisser!

Retro Notes: Chocolate and citrus notes.

Viaje Throw Down double cigar review

Round 2

In this round, Dojo Nation stands in the center of the ring, throwing combination body blows with warm toasted almonds and intense woody notes. At the end of this round, the Dojo Nation eases off just a little bit to introduce a bit of smooth creaminess as it dances off the palate like Muhammad Ali moving around the ring. I’m telling you folks, it’s a beautiful display of skill and flavor!

Retro Notes: Mineral Citrus delight!

The Cig Fed goes toe-to-toe and blow-for-blow with its own combination of head and body shots that brings about fudge brownie desert flavors with crusted walnuts on top! This flavor combo makes you feel like Sugar Ray is working your palate like a body bag, as it makes you submit to its deliciousness!

Retro Notes: Chocolate Covered Oranges!

Round 3 (Final Round)

Hold up folks, Dojo Nation just switched up and went South Paw! Here he comes with a roasted nut profile and a serious charred oak note that cleanly lands like a fury of uppercuts! The Dojo Nation is fighting with determination and it’s bringing back some underlying sweet mineral notes. Its flavor profile is relentless, boxing (cigar) fans!

Retro Notes: Charred Oak Barrels!

Cig Fed laughs at the Dojo Nation for going South Paw and begins to taunt him by waving his gloves, gesturing to say, “Bring it!” The Cig Fed continues to bring those fudge brownie and walnut flavors with a high degree of stubbornness. In fact, those flavors are really starting to shine now and target your palate like laser guided missiles! Cig Fed refuses to back down; he’s a machine!

Retro Notes: Mild Chocolate with brighter citrus notes!

Viaje Throw Down comparison cigar review

DINNNG! The bell rings and the referee has to step in between these two bruisers because they wouldn’t stop throwing punches at each other… it’s madness!

Final Decision

Cigar fans, this was one of the best bouts you could ask for in the cigar world. Both cigars just delivered, round after round! They punished each other with flavors that could only be described as EPIC! It’s purely amazing that either blend is still standing on its own two feet. They both delivered medium to full body strength and flavor. Their construction was perfect. The ash fell in solid chunks with perfect burn lines and their draw was right were it needed to be.

Well here is the 302JH CompuBox numbers:

  • Appearance: Dojo Nation 9/ Cig Fed 9
  • Draw: Dojo Nation: 9/ Cig Fed 9
  • Flavor: Dojo Nation: 9/ Cig Fed 9
  • Burn: Dojo Nation: 9/ Cig Fed 9
  • Price and Value: Dojo Nation 9/ Cig Fed 9
  • Enjoyment: Dojo Nation 10/ Cig Fed 10

Both cigars receive a 92! It’s a DRAW! It’s a DRAW!!!

Viaje Throw Down cigar review and rating

Viaje Throw Down was reviewed by Jose Hernandez Jr. (aka 302jh). Jose is a member of both cigar communities (as well as a writer for Cigar Dojo) and has provided an unbiased approach to this review. Typically, we do not review our own cigar projects, but we felt this was a fun look at the profiles of both cigars. The cigars will not be included in our official cigar leaderboard for this reason.

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