MoyaRuiz Cigars has officially announced their latest cigar project – The Chinese Finger Trap. While the cigars have been hinted at, with early sneak peeks being posted on the Cigar Dojo app as well as an exclusive, inside look on Smoke Night Live last week, official details and images have now been released.

Continuing the theme of their first limited cigar release, La Jugada Nunchuck, this year’s release also incorporates an oriental theme with a fun novelty twist.

Danny Moya, co-founder of MoyaRuiz Cigars stated, “We had such a blast making last year’s limited edition release, the Nunchuck, so we knew that this year we had to once again think outside the box. Although this release also has an oriental theme, its packaging is inspired mainly by vintage novelty/game boards the Chinese finger traps came in.”

Many have questioned whether the cigars will actually be banded in authentic Chinese finger trap banding. And as explained on the Smoke Night Live show, the bands are only made to look like a finger trap, in an effort to preserve the delicate wrapper tobacco of the cigar.

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MoyaRuiz The Chinese Finger Trap cigar box

In a similar fashion to last year’s release, the cigars have been created as an homage to the Cigar Dojo community, after showing a tremendous support for the brand in the early stages of their introduction to the industry. And as such, Cigar Dojo members will be offered the first chance to buy the cigars before they are released to the public. Production on this project will be limited to only 1,000 boxes. Each box will feature 10 cigars in a 6″ x 50 Toro size.

As they have done in past releases, MoyaRuiz often keeps portions of their blends undisclosed. For The Chinese Finger Trap, they have taken this a step further, offering no information on the blend whatsoever, allowing consumers the chance to judge the cigar based on its performance alone.

“The blend is an ancient Chinese secret. Thus, no further information about the blend will ever be released.” says Moya. “The cigars are made in Erik Espinosa’s factory La Zona in Estelí, Nicaragua.”

Retail pricing for the cigars has not been finalized. The Chinese Finger Trap is targeted to be released at the end of June 2015.

MoyaRuiz The Chinese Finger Trap cigars

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