Cigar and drink pairings, it’s a hot topic amongst cigar enthusiasts. In fact, it’s probably one of the most frequently discussed subjects on the Cigar Dojo app. When done correctly, a drink can bring out notes previously not detected in a cigar, and vice versa.

There are a few common practices often taught when discussing a proper pairing.

  • Match the body of the cigar and drink
  • Match the color of the cigar and drink
  • Match the growing region of the cigar and drink
  • Drink and smoke what makes you happy

All of these suggestions can be useful in finding a good cigar and drink pairing. And while I agree with the logic, it seems none of these answers satisfy the question: “What drink should I pair with my cigar?” That’s where our infographic comes in handy!

This guide is not intended to be a definitive guide for cigar pairings, but rather a fun way to find a pairing for a wide variety of situations. Get out of your comfort zone, who knows, you may find a new favorite pairing!

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Cigar and drink pairings infographic

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